Dead "Blob Creature" Discovered In Brazil

Dead “Blob Creature” Discovered In Brazil

In a video that hit the internet only three days ago, uploader “GabeHash”, who runs a Spanish language blog on the unexplained, gives us a glimpse of a dead mystery creature supposedly discovered earlier this year in Brazil.

The grainy, poorly lit footage shot on a camera phone (isn’t everything now?), displays a pasty gray blob approximately the size of a small child. It’s laying across a tree branch¬†with what appears to be a mouth hanging wide open. Though the video is shaky and dark, the camera operator does go in for a close inspection, and with the detail provided it’s possible to see the that the skin is moist, there exist arm-like appendages, and even what looks to be a nose just above the “mouth”.

Some are claiming aliens, others a new species, and there’s a lot of speculation that the video is a fake reminiscent of the “Russian alien” hoax earlier this year. I, for one, wouldn’t dismiss the footage as a hoax right away. In fact, I’d go so far as to stake a claim that the video is authentic, just misrepresented and sensationalized.


The creature simply be the product of a genetic birth defect

Towards the end of the video there is a quick shot of the creature’s stomach (or where the stomach should be, anyway), and hanging from it, a worm-like attachment is visible. It looks to me like an umbilical cord.

My guess is that this is a video taken by a bunch of people excited to see a highly defected baby farm animal, one that was probably dead not long after it was born. A quick google image search of the term “birth defect” might lend some credence to that idea. But that’s just my opinion, and in any case, it’s certainly a weird piece of footage.

So what do you think it is?


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