Cryptids South of the Border: Farmers Kill Mexican "Troll" With Machete

Cryptids South of the Border: Farmers Kill Mexican “Troll” With Machete

After killing it with a machete, local farmers snapped cell phone photos of the strange "Chiquimitio Beast"

In March of 2010, in the farming community of Chiquimitio, Michoacán, in Mexico, some locals encountered an odd creature creeping into town.

Described as having long arms and legs, a thin torso, and very little hair, the beast walked in on all fours before leaning up and standing on two.

The residents, frightened by the bizarre animal, attacked, lopping it’s head off with a machete and throwing it’s body to the dogs, who devoured it. But, thankfully, not before snapping a few photos and video.

The photos eventually made their way to Mexican paranormal investigation group La Esfera Azul, or “The Blue Sphere”, who finally placed them online yesterday. When interviewing a witness to the event, the man apologised for not saving the body for evidence, blaming a “temporary psychosis”.


Chiquimitio has a long history of sightings of creatures that have often been referred to as “trolls” or “elves”, and this particular capture could certainly shed light on those sightings.

So what, exactly, is the little creature? Is it a monster of unknown origin? Probably not. More likely, it’s an animal with a genetic defect called cyclopia so rare that it only occurs within about 1 in 16,000 born animals. You may remember this image of the one eyed kitten from a few years back, it’s very likely the same defect in the Chiquimitio Beast.

The "beast" was probably just a chihuahua suffering from a rare genetic defect called cyclopia.

As for the unfortunate animal with the defect, without a body it’s hard to be sure, but when looking at the photos taken from a different angle, it’s not a far leap to assume that it was just a really messed up chihuahua dog.

The interesting part about this case is that the eye witnesses claimed the creature walked into town on it’s own, and they had reported prior sightings of similar “monsters”, meaning that if the witnesses are to be trusted, this little guy (and possibly others) have been wandering around for awhile, something fairly incredible when considering the fact that almost all animals with cyclopia die very shortly after birth.

For more on the Chiquimitio Beast, including video footage, visit The Blue Sphere.


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