EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Paranormal Lockdown Heads to Buffalo's Haunted Statler City Hotel

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Paranormal Lockdown Heads to Buffalo, New York’s Haunted Statler City Hotel


Season two of TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown has been scaring up a huge audience with its intense investigations of haunted hotspots like the Monroe House, the Black Monk House, or Shrewsbury Prison, but the latest episode of the hit reality series is set in their biggest location ever: Buffalo, New York’s massive Statler City Hotel.

Once the epicenter of Buffalo’s high society, the Statler City Hotel has long shuttered its doors to those seeking a room. Today, the former building has gained a reputation for frightening paranormal activity, which drew ghost hunters Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, who spent 72 hours locked inside it’s labyrinthian corridors.

Via TLC:


In their largest investigation to date, paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman will spend 72 hours exploring the 18-story Statler City Hotel. The former “Grand Dame of Buffalo” once played host to presidents, jazz legends, and the upper crust, but the secrets buried in its seedy underbelly by notorious mobsters are dying to get out. After wedding guests were horrified when an apparition appeared in a photograph, Nick and Katrina pursue the link between the glamorous Terrace Room, and the decrepit Turkish Bath immediately below it. But their state-of-the-art equipment soon reveals a story kept silent within the hotel’s walls for decades.

Considering Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman’s track record with haunted hotels, it’s pretty safe to say that things are going to get pretty scary on the next episode of Paranormal Lockdown. Watch an exclusive clip from their investigation below, and be sure to tune into TLC on Friday, January 27 at 9/8c to catch Paranormal Lockdown‘s biggest location yet! For more about the haunting of the Statler City Hotel, check out our in-depth article here.

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