Incredible Film-Used Bigfoot Costume Hits eBay (Hoaxers Need Not Apply)

Hollywood Sasquatch: Film-Used Bigfoot Costume up for Auction on eBay (Hoaxers Need Not Apply)


If you’re in the market for a movie-quality Bigfoot costume, you’re in luck, because the incredibly detailed Sasquatch suit from the film Something in the Woods has hit eBay. There’s just one thing you need to know: if you’re planning on using it for a hoax, you shouldn’t bother bidding.

It’s not hard to find yourself a Sasquatch suit these days, but if you really want to turn heads, you need something that’s custom built. While most so-called “Bigfoot” costumes aren’t much more than repurposed gorilla suits without the proper proportions to capture the big hairy guy’s legendary physique, creature designer Travis Driver has managed to craft a pretty stunning realization of the beast, and if you’re lucky, you could own it.

Something in the Woods Bigfoot costume


The hand-made costume took over three-hundred hours to create, and has a built-in muscle structure (because who wants a wimpy squatch?), is covered in high-grade National Fiber Technology Fur, and comes with silicon hands and feet as well as a painstakingly-detailed mask. Just check out this screen test footage to see how good the suit looks in action:

The creation was created for the 2015’s Something in the Woods, a Bigfoot film set in Texas:

David D. Ford’s thrilling feature film follows the remarkable story of the Hartman family as they come face to face with one of the world’s most controversial creatures, Bigfoot. The Hartman’s live in the piney woods of northeast Texas in the late 1960’s as they encounter the giant hairy man. Well-crafted story, thrilling and dramatic, amazingly portrayed, Something In The Woods is a story about a strong willed man who will do everything possible to protect his family, and the courage it takes to fight the fear his family faces.

Bigfoot hunters are already anticipating that the buyer of this incredible Sasquatch costume might have some hoaxing up their sleeves, a la serial hoaxer Rick Dyer’s 2008 “Icebox Bigfoot” fiasco or his more recent “Hank the Dead Bigfoot” tour, but Travis Driver has already put their concerns to rest.

“I promise, I will not sell to Rick Dyer,” Driver told worried cryptozoologists, adding that the suit was “a blast” to create.

Custom Bigfoot Costume on eBay

With a starting bid of $2,500, this movie-quality Bigfoot suit might not be the best choice for your next Halloween party, but for hardcore Sasquatch fans, it might just make the perfect centerpiece to your crypto-cave. Seriously, just look at this thing.

Travis Driver handmade Bigfoot costume

To bid on Travis Driver’s hand-made Bigfoot costume, open your wallet and head over to eBay. Cryptozoologists, you might want to memorize this suit, because we have a feeling you might be seeing it some shaky cell-phone footage in the future.

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