Execution Rocks: Spend the Night in one of America's Most Haunted Lighthouses

Execution Rocks: You Can Spend the Night in one of America’s Most Haunted Lighthouses


If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking to up the ante in your weird vacations, but after awhile, the same old haunts just don’t deliver the chills like they used to. If haunted hotels and creepy bed and breakfasts aren’t spooky enough for you, I’ve found just the thing: the chance to bunk up with the ghosts trapped inside one of America’s most haunted lighthouses.

New York’s Execution Rocks Lighthouse, still dripping from its bloody past, is crawling with all the things that go bump in the night. Not only has the infamous lighthouse been ground zero for countless paranormal experiences, it’s now one of the most unique overnight alternatives in America. For history buffs, ghost hunters, or thrill seekers looking for a night of terror, this is probably your best bet.



Considered one of New York’s most historically significant structures, Execution Rocks Lighthouse once helped navigate boats into the area back in 1949. According to the legends, Execution Rocks Lighthouse gets its name from the British authorities that used the area to execute their opposition in one of the most sadistic ways imaginable: by chaining them to the jagged rocks at low tide, slowly drowning them as the water rose. Thus the name Execution Rocks.


Plenty of paranormal television series, most notably Ghost Adventures, have rowed their teams out to the haunted lighthouse in order to search for evidence of the supernatural activity. Many ghost hunters have captured the sounds of disembodied voices, cries of anguish, and even a mysterious black shadow that darts in and out of reality as if not tied to our realm.


The lighthouse, which  consists of a three bedroom space with little-to-no luxuries, makes up for the lack of bathrooms with the incredible paranormal activity. If the chance to rub shoulders with ghosts is enough to make you five up a flushing toilet for a night, you’re in for a treat. As a bonus, all the money they earn from your supernatural slumber party goes toward restoration and upkeep of the historical location.

If you’re serious about booking an overnight stay at the haunted Execution Rocks Lighthouse, you can grab all the info you need to plan your adventure at their official website.

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