Hundreds of Witches Just Cursed Stanford Rapist Brock Turner

Breaking: Hundreds of Witches Around The World Just Banded Together To Curse Stanford Rapist Brock Turner


On Tuesday night, witches around the world took to their altars to collectively hex Brock Turner, the convicted Stanford University rapist who was only sentenced to six months of jail time.

Organized by Iowa native Melanie Elizabeth Hexen, the organized hex began when Hexen and her coven of 13 women saw the lenient sentence given to Turner and decided to take matters into their own hands in order to find revenge for the “outraged and helpless”. Over the course of twelve hours some 600 witches from all over the world had RSVP’d to the event.



Haxen posted the simple spell along with instructions for the ritual on Wednesday June 8, at 10 PM (CT).  By the morning the Facebook page for the event had been deleted, but luckily, Broadly posted a sample of the curse before it disappeared.

“Brock Allen Turner we hex you.

You will be impotent

You will know constant pain of pine needles in your guts

Food will bring you no sustenance

In water, your lungs will fail you

Sleep will only bring nightmares

Shame will be your mantle.

You will meet justice.

My witchcraft is strong. Our witchcraft is powerful. The spell will work. So Mote it be.”


Hexen explained that many of the woman from her own coven who took part in Tuesday night’s hex are survivors of sexual assault themselves, and for them, the ritual was a therapeutic one. No word if the hex has worked as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

(Image and Source article: Broadly)

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That dude is finished.

This is the kind of shit that causes the general public to either fear us, hate us, shun us or not take us seriously. This behaviour is atrocious.

Anyone grateful that people “took action” against someone with zero input from the actual victim affected by this man are also very wrong in my eyes. It is not their place. And probably not her wish. And now, this is going viral and making our entire community into a laughingstock. Seriously. If I didn’t understand this I would look at it and laugh and be unable to take anyone involved with the occult seriously after this…

People don’t understand and don’t try to. They see what they see and judge it as if they were the be all know all of whatever it is they’re judging. Some will see this article and laugh at it and say ” haha yeah that’ll do a lot of good” and there are those who will see this and be grateful that a group of individuals decided to take action for the woman victimized by this rapist, in the biggest and best way they can/know how. I personally am a spiritualist, not a witch, and have always been curious about… Read more »

Cierra Merryfield: Correct. There is a light and a dark side to everything. What Ashley does not understand about witchcraft is that it’s practitioners are as varied and numerous as grains of sand on the beach. Not everyone has the same perception of good and bad. NOTHING is black and white. Witches have come together many, many times to curse in order to drive away ultimate evil. Witchcraft is not a religion, and it is not inherently connected to any creed. Everyone uses it whether they know it or not.

Hurting people is never okay. Self Defense is one thing. RETALIATION is another. I understand not all beings are the same. But I do also understand harming others is wrong.

Hex the damn dad too

utoh..wrong thing to do there mr rapist…I put a spell on youuuu..blessed be! your gonna need it

I hope the hex works.

Do no harm-but take no shit-right?

Say it loud, say it proud

Just speaking as a woman, I hope his balls rot and fall off!!!

Fake or not, harm none or not, I really can’t blame them for wanting to hex him. Personally, I hope his d*+k rots off & his father’s too.

“Attack” magic has saved this world more times than we can possibly count.

the most a responsible practitioner would do would be something like returning negativity, or if he had bad intentions towards someone they would be returned tenfold; sorta like instant karma…a protection spell protecting society from him

blessed be )o(…

Jeez, I’m kinda scared for him although I don’t want to be

What about the rule of 3; of what you do with magic returns to you threefold?

It could be veiwed as Helpful magick

How. how is doing soming bad going to help a bad situation

I suppose Dorothy Clutterbuck and her coven were doing something bad when they raised their cone of power and hurled it at Nazi Germany to protect England? Or Sir Francis Drake when he led a ritual to destroy the Spanish Armada, killing hundreds if not thousands?

I have cursed those who did me wrong. Glad to hear there is justice.

Not sure but wonder what Brenna Prosser would think about this.

That will teach him!


Not a “hex” lordy. VooDoo-U

That blade is sick as F, though..

I know right!

Oh, fake witches. A real witch knows, “Do no harm.”

Not all witches are Wiccan.
Some witches believe that ‘you have to hex to heal’, and choose to practice the hexing part on deserving targets.
These would include oppressive politicians, violent criminals and men who abuse women and children.
Z. Budapest’s feminist Wicca teaches this.

I know. I was born into this kind f household. I’m Slavic fam trad.
These witches are fake.

People always assume every witch is Wiccan and thats far from the truth. Not everyone follows the Harm none rule but that doesn’t mean they are fake.

K. Whatever you say.

STFU Evonne – you might look like a witch, but your nothin but a drunken loser. Let the real witches put a spell on him, and some voodoo pins in his crotch would be appropriate too

How very Gardnerian of you.
Not all of us are and I was proudly involved in this.
(For what it’s worth, I absolutely love the shit out of some Wiccans. But some of you- holy hell, you are Fundamentalist Christians with a bad Stevie Nicks Wardrobe and little to no knowledge of your OWN belief system. Evonne you are a fantastic example of exactly that.)

LOVE the Stevie Nicks reference! Absolutely spot on!

Larry Dolan, good grief! I hope you know Evonne, and can back up your statement.
Really, though, was that personal attack necessary, just because you disagree with her?

Yeah, not touching the “drunk” thing with a ten foot pole. That’s…um…
Evonne, having read your comments- are you saying that you practice Rodnovery?

“My personal flavor of is the only true and “real” flavor!!”….. I think that’s what people are taking issue with here.

That, exactly. I mean, that and, well, while I was in fact “born into a household” of pagans- which, honestly, since the 60’s-70’s isn’t really that big of a thing, nor does it particularly convey any supernatural powers or otherwise: um, far as I know, it’s predominantly neopagan groups that believe in “do no harm” in the way that it is being described here- so, while I may respect that belief, I question deeply how it is either of those things somehow grants authority to define anything beyond her own belief system.

Aw, thanks,
Larry Dolan, you’ve proved my point. Fake witches exist.

So, look, guys, hthanks to a childhood illness in which I almost died, I have a really hard time conveying what I mean. t
This shit right here is reprehensible. The article, I mean.. Yes, punish this guy to the extreme. Hexes? Absolutely not. It always backfires.
No, I am not rodwhatever. Slavic fam trad is a mishmash of Italian stregga, Russian, Swedish, eh… Norwegian. It’s really too involved to quickly explain.

And my gotdang kindle is acting up and is about to get thrown across the room.

I study religions, so, I am sure I can fill in the gaps- and I always try to be helpful, when I can. Not as familiar with the Slavs as I am certain others, however, you’ve got Rodnovery, which is a bit more modern, though it is a bit more on the Russian end of things- there’s Ved’ma or Vedmak- which, far as I know were quite all right with the hexing and similar- aaaah like I said, I am not as familiar with those but the one thing I do seem to remember was that duality was most decidedly… Read more »

I just looked up Rodnovery. I didn’t know we had a name. Some of that isn’t what I practised. Antisemitic? Absolutely not.
I am now atheist. Because I feel all of this is bunk. We have science now.

most of what people think of as ‘real’ witchcraft is a sham religion put together by two dirty old men (A.C. and G.G.) so they could get some money and practice their sexual proclivities on weak minded followers. Surprise it worked.

Keith Parker, that isn’t ‘real witchcraft’, either, it’s a revival, and there was more behind it than just sex and money. You believe some rather lurid, but, false information about both those gentlemen. Gardner only met Crowley once, and didn’t like him. He liked Crowley ‘ s poetry, though, and tried to incorporate it , along with other influences, into his reconstruction of a religion he believed to be neatly extinct. One, Doreen Valente gently pursuaded him that Crowley’s approach to magic was not compatible with what they wanted to do, and Two, once his witchcraft books were published, he… Read more »

Evonne, to paraphrase one of your posts: atheists don’t get to decide what is ‘real’ witchcraft.

That said, the bunch sure never heard of Know, Will, Dare and Be Silent.

What about females abusing males and childs?
you should say them too otherwise you are no better than some biased extreme feminist..


No need, he has cursed himself.


do no harm, but take no shit!

Hope it works

That’s about as helpful as praying.

Pray “on” him and let the powers decide!!!!

looks more like debowel.

Well I would bet that he might become someone’s bitch within even the 3 month minimum…but still not the same as he will be conscious and screaming.

I hope so

How about the judge and the dad?

Utter bullshit.

I hope his dick snaps off like a twig!!! Jus sayin!!!

This is the equivalent of saying parents banded together to send Santa a letter to put him on the naughty list. Witches…smh.

You have the wrong ideal of a witch…

Will the duck float or the witch?

The only real witches are the ones that do Santeria or Voodoo.

Huh, I prayed a curse just this mornin, good to see I didn’t have to! (Shadow I am is a good song u guise)

Well it already sounds shaky from the fact they banded together…lol basically none of there witch skills were strong enough to make it happen until they put all there shitty HOPES together oops I mean put there SPELLS together….lol

This sounds like some sort of establishment infiltration. Real witches wouldn’t do that, he is not worth the self sacrifice.

Sorry to bust your white magic bubble, but Witches come from many creeds, cults, and mysteries, and are perfectly “real”.

I should say, smart witches. All magic comes with a price. I’ll use my magic to protect the good, rather than punishment for the bad.

I’m simply not interested in spiritual blowback I see happening in the future from this situation.

I am a former witch. I practiced the Wiccan faith. It is very very rare to come across a witch who will curse someone. Typically they are extremely peaceful people who fear karma. A real witch would be afraid something bad would happen to themselves if they did something wrong to another. Spells are not what the movies make them look like. No real witch believes in the nonsense the media portrays them as. Spells are simply harnassing energy with a specific focus and intention.its like very focused prayer. I left that faith because a different faith spoke louder to… Read more »

perhaps a binding or impotence spell???

The witches I know would find the idea of those actions very innappropriate. They are not gods or karma. And they all adhere to the Rede ” Do what ye will, BUT HARM NONE”

It’s possible that the author improperly used the term witch. However not all witches are Wiccan, or peaceful. Perhaps move on from the real or fake witch definition that people are focused on. I know two witches who dabble in the dark far more than light. Sure protective wards and charms but a fair share of curses and demons, too. Still not the way the media portrays it, however. Someone may say they partake in a religion, but every person adds a unique spin to faith that could deviate from original intention, i.e. extremists, or those who ignore the violent… Read more »

Wish I would have known sooner. Would have joined

Change of the laws to protect Women and kids, that’s what we need. But still funny if we could do that .

He will get his punishment, the Karma wheel turns!!

Oh wow…people actually thinking they know about witchcraft and witches. Sorry to burst some bubbles here, but yeah, Hollywood seriously blows it way out of proportion. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and nobody truly has the right to downgrade another just because they don’t agree with them. Live and let live, as long as nobody is hurting you personally, why does anyone care what someone else believes? Smh…at least SOMEBODY is trying to do justice.

That is seriously the coolest picture ever

Harm no one. It will come back to you. Don’t give witches a bad name.

It is not your Place to use your craft in this way. His Karma will catch up to him.

Will they also curse: Juan Francisco Sanchez-Lopez, 5 time deported Mexican felon who shot Kate Steinle in San Francisco, and will they curse sanctuary city San Francisco for releasing him into the streets? Will they curse the US military in Okinawa for rapes? Will they curse Alexandria Duval for killing her twin sister in Hawaii but now is free? Will they curse Vladimir Putin for allowing the shooting down of Malaysia Flight 17 over the Ukraine? Why this guy, and not others? Why a hex instead of tough love and just demanding he serve the time for the crime? Emotional… Read more »

waste of time just curse the judge its his flat a rapist got lean sentence. just neuter him

Just an excuse to get their names in the paper. As a hedgewitch I do not condone this sort of behaviour in any way.

Really if any thing you send out comes back 3 fold who is going to risk it and quite frankly this post is just setting paganism and wicca back years as this is panda ing to Old stereo types

You took the words right out of my head. No good witch in his/her right mind would do any such thing. The universe will be the one to punish him, not us.

Not everyone who practices the Craft identifies with the rules of Wicca and Paganism. The Craft is technically the mechanism by which religion works, not the religion itself.