Lights Out! These Are the Top Ghost Cams on the Internet, and They'll Creep You Out

The Best Ghost Cams Still Around Today, and Why You Should Love Them as Much as We Do


There’s a reason we’re all here on this little website, and that’s our mutual love of the paranormal, the weird, and the downright strange. I’ve been a fan of the classic ghost web cam since way back in the day, but for any of you youngins who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a quick history lesson:

Back before ghost hunting was a “thing”, before the reality TV shows, the websites with dancing skeleton gifs, and the overnight investigations, a lot of us got our paranormal rocks off watching “Ghost Cams”. In essence, it was a web camera set up to live-stream from the inside of a haunted location, and it was your job to sit there and keep an eye out for anything… strange.

Over the years, thanks in part to the over-saturation of paranormal entertainment, most of the classic ghost cams have gone the way of the dinosaur, but there are some, however, that have managed to stick around longer than most ghost hunting teams who realized they’d never been on tv.


I thought it would be fun to dig up some of the older cams, and in the process find some new ones, so that the next time you’re wide awake at 2am you’ll have something to do other than watching reruns of Ghost Hunters. Plus, it’s way more fun!

Willard Library Ghost Cam


The Willard’s Library Ghost Cam has been around since the earliest age of internet ghost huting. It’s never goes down and is always reliable… some might say its the chocolate ice-cream of armchair investigation. I’ve spent more time than I’m willing to comfortable admit peeping for ghosties on the library’s three different live streams. Over the years the camera locations have changed, but today you’ll get full 24 hour views of the haunted stairwell, children section, and research area.

Why do they have a ghost cam? Willard Library has an interesting haunted history. It’s said that the spirit of the “Grey Lady”, who has appeared over the years to countless people in the form of a misty human shape, roams the library stacks at night. According to those who have seen her, she likes to turn the water in the bathroom on and off, and will often tug on the hair or earrings of those visiting the library.

The legend of Willard Library’s haunting began when a maintenance man unexpectedly quit after a terrifying run-in with the lady herself. It was early in the morning during the winter of 1937 when the nightly janitor made one last pass through the basement to make sure that the furnace coals were stoked. As he walked down the long hallway he noticed a strange grey shape in the darkness, and as he crept closer, he realized that what he was looking at was a woman wearing a long grey veil. It was such a shock that the janitor dropped his flashlight, and just as she had appeared she was gone, disappearing into the darkness.

Since then, loads of people have had their own personal encounters with the Grey Lady, including thousands of people who have spotted her on the library’s ghost cams.

Ordsall Hall Cam


Located in Greater Manchester, the Ordsall Hall Ghost Cam has become one of my more recent favorites. Portions of the historic house date back to the 15th century, and the house even makes an appearance in Harrison Ainsworth’s novel, Guy Fawkes.

Ordsall hall is said to be haunted by the “White Lady”, a spectral anomaly that many believe is the sprit of Margaret Radcliffe. Margaret is said to have died in 1599 (of a broken heart) when her twin brother Alexander died at sea. She’s said to have remained behind, even in the afterlife, waiting for her brother to come back.

The Ordeal Hall cams give you great fish-eye views of the Great Hall, Great Chamber, and the Star Chamber, said to be the favorite haunt of the White Lady herself.

Gettysburg Cam


Unfortunately the Gettysburg ghost cam isn’t as cool as you’d hope it would be, but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. Unlike the other options, this cam posts an image every 10 minutes. Pretty much all you’re going to see here is an occasional snap from the battlefield of a group of tourists walking by. None-the-less, Gettysburg is an iconic haunted destination with so much history it would be impossible not to include it. Who knows, you might even stumble onto a ghostly soldier if you’re lucky.

“Abandoned Hospital” Cam


Another of my recent favorites is the “Abandoned Hospital” cam, because not only do they have a handful of scary video feeds to watch, they also have live audio… so you can listen while you scare yourself. I seriously can’t tell you how much I love this. The creepy audio of mysterious sounds echoing through the halls adds a creep factor that the other ghost cams don’t have.

The unnamed hospital, known only as “The Lady”, has been the passion project for the paranormal investigation team OKC-PRG for the past 14 years. What started off as a ghost hunt has turned into over a decade-old project to research the ghosts who continue to haunt “The Lady”.

UPDATE: Unfortunately I’m going to have to delete the links to this cam as OKC-PRG reached out and the building’s legal agent asked that the link be removed for security reasons. Sucks, but I totally understand their trepidation.


In the days when it was almost impossible to convince anyone to let you “ghost hunt” their hotel, hospital, or jail, we had ghost cams. Though they’re completely dated today, they’re still a fun connection to the history of the early internet paranormal scene… which was awesome, by the way. So the next time you find yourself up at 2am, skip the Paranormal State reruns, and let yourself do a little armchair investigating at some of the world’s scariest places.

Did we miss any? What cryptid, UFO, or just plain old weirdo webcam keeps you coming back for more? Let us know in the comments below and maybe we’ll add them to our list! Happy scares!


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