Roswell's Dirty Secret: The Time Nazis Crash-Landed in the New Mexican Desert

Roswell’s Dirty Secret: The Time Nazis Crash-Landed in the New Mexican Desert


What exactly crashed in the open terrain of the US Southwest back in 1947? Was it a weather balloon? Aliens from a far-off galaxy? Or even worse… could it have been the Nazis?

A new German documentary, UFOs and the Third Reich, aired last month on Channel N24 and made some bold claims about flying saucers. The main claim is that the real secret behind the Roswell crash was that it was a high-tech stealth aircraft made by Nazis. Well, in fairness, they weren’t still Nazis when they built it. Thanks to Operation Paperclip, many German scientists were secretly relocated to the US at the end of World War II. Instead of facing war crimes, they were put to work by the US government to help beat the Soviets in the ‘space race’. Undoubtedly, allowing people like Hans Kammler (who organized the forced labor factories at Auschwitz) to escape any form of punishment to gain a scientific edge casts its own black shadow over the already dark, elusive, and controversial study of UFOs.

A photograph of one of the Nazi's prototype disc-shaped aircraft.

A photograph of one of the Nazi’s prototype disc-shaped aircraft showing the German Luftwaffe flag painted on its side.

Between 1941 and 1943, fifteen prototypes of what’s known as the Schriever-Habermohl Model were said to have been built in Prague. Named for its designers, engineers Rudolf Schriever and Otto Habermohl, this craft bears an uncanny resemblance to what we now think of when we hear the term “flying saucer”. Flight was achieved through a combination of rotary wings like a helicopter and let engines mounted beneath the disc-shaped craft. The blueprints for these craft are believed to have been taken to the US in 1945 where work continued. It’s one of these American versions that the filmmakers allege crashed two years later in New Mexico.


Under Hitler’s command, the Nazis experimented with peculiar and radical aerospace technology, most notably “Die Glocke“, a bell-shaped metal chamber measuring 15 feet tall and nine feet in diameter intended to fly without wings. It is believed that work was carried out to create 15 prototypes in Poland’s Owl Mountains in secret subterranean labs hidden inside the Wenceslas Mines which were later dynamited when the tide of the war turned against the Nazis. According to historian and former Polish journalist Igor Witkowski in his book The Truth about The Wunderwaffe, test flights of Die Glocke were conducted over Germany and Czechoslovakia… like Charlie and Willy Wonka in the Great Glass Elevator, no doubt. Were was Augustus Gloop when you needed him?

An alleged photograph of the inner workings of Die Glocke from Igor Witkowsk's book.

An alleged photograph examining the experimental inner workings of Die Glocke from Igor Witkowsk’s book.

A German engineer named George Klein supports Witkowski’s claims that such an aircraft existed. He told the Daily Express, “I don’t consider myself a crackpot or eccentric or someone given to fantasies… This is what I saw, with my own eyes: a Nazi UFO.” Klein wasn’t alone; many American and British airmen also witnessed strange craft, including the Schriever-Habermohl Model and possibly Die Glocke, over Nazi-occupied territory.

And if Roswell was a Nazi craft, what can be said about the famous Kecksburg UFO of 1965? Resembling an upside-down acorn, Die Glocke was thought by many to have been an idea never brought to life. Looking at diagrams for Die Glocke and the object which crashed into the woods outside Kecksburg, it’s hard to deny the similarities. The US allegedly obtained plans for these craft around 1943, and some believe they experimented in building their own version.

Illustrations of both Die Glocke and the Kecksburg Acorn.

Illustrations of both Die Glocke and the Kecksburg UFO.

Could Die Glocke (or an American counterpart) have been launched, reached too high of an altitude and orbited the Earth as a satellite before reentering the atmosphere where it became a fiery meteor landing in Pennsylvania?

If there was ever a good reason for a government conspiracy covering up a crashed unidentified flying object in New Mexico outside of Roswell, it being a top-secret Nazi aircraft is most certainly a good one. Or is there an even bigger conspiracy at work here? Last year, Greg Newkirk revealed the surprising fact that Rachel, Nevada (UFO mecca and next door neighbor to the infamous Area 51) is slowly being consumed by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Is this new revelation about Roswell really just propaganda trying to justify a land claim by Neo-Nazis in New Mexico? Or is their settlement of these towns some deep-rooted attempt at a Nazi comeback in the 21st Century? Either way, I’d prefer the aliens.


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Ken Summers
Ken Summers is a historical researcher and purveyor of strange tales and forgotten hauntings. An explorer of haunted sites since 1995 and the apologetic creator of the "orb color chart," he has always endeavored to balance eager curiosity with logical questioning in the pursuit of truth. Ken is reluctant to call himself either a skeptic or a believer, yet throughout his life, he has had strange experiences that fall under the category of "unexplained". His last book, Queer Hauntings, was published in 2009.
Ken Summers
Ken Summers

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This story about the Roswell crash is pure fiction. I knew the man who was first on the scene of the crash and he told me what the craft looked like and the small (40″ tall), big eyed, gray skinned people inside the craft. They were all dead but one was alive and was attempting to walk away into the desert with a staggering gait. The gray people were missing two fingers and toes. My friend picked up a piece of the skin that covered the craft. It was like a shiny piece of metal but he could crunch it… Read more »

The problem is the Roswell vehicle, if real, wasn’t a saucer but a flying wing like thingy

I’m posting for an acqaintance. I’d so much prefer the weather balloon story. but that’s what seems to make me evil, that and my rants none shall receive the ear candy of… unless… no… but, maybe… no?

I thought I had left a harmless comment about preferring weather balloons over nazis or aliens and my distractions experimenting on tricking one or more gremlins into ignoring what and how I do that make me wonder if I boobooed with an offence or was it just another dishonest malfunction on these wires parts…

Have any of you read this book, more believable than Nazi’s.

Actually, this theory isn’t that far-fetched. After World War II, the US had former NAZI scientists and engineers showing them the technology the Germans had created during WWII. It is a plausible theory that they were testing one of of the very real flying disks the Germans had constructed and it crashed in the desert. Once again, though, the military covers its developments by working in the UFO and alien stories. There were probably no little aliens at all, but people came to believe this over time. Kecksburg was in 1965. I believe this object was a Soviet satellite that… Read more »