Bigfoot's Australian Cousin, the Yowie, Spotted In Port Douglas!

Bigfoot’s Australian Cousin, the Yowie, Spotted In Port Douglas!

crossingLast week, a near miss changed Brad Brown’s life.

“I was driving home from work about 10.30pm and I was on the Rocky Point range going around a bend when suddenly something ran in front of my car, I didn’t know what I saw, it was big and really hairy with an oblong-shaped head. Its arms were hanging behind it as it ran.”1

Yet another case to be made for vehicles to be equipped with dashcams in hopes of better investigating cryptid sightings.

yowiePurportedly the only hominin endemic to Australia, yowie morphology exhibits several quirks. Considerably larger than most humans, one can stand as tall as 6’2″ to 12 feet tall despite its stooped posture. Yowie arms are described as disproportionately long in proportion to their bodies. Also out of proportion is a yowie’s head, giving the impression of being closely related to a no-neck high school jock.


Curiouser is the variations in tracks, exhibiting three, four, or five toes.2 One day, inshallah, we’ll know for certain if the diversity  in toes is due to speciation, or braindead hoaxers who can’t keep a story straight.

Jury’s still out on the yowie being marsupial analogues to primtes, or if it’s venomous like the other critters haunting ‘Straya’s outback.

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