Cougars? Coyotes? Cryptid? Something's Haunting New England

Cougars? Coyotes? Cryptid? Something’s Haunting New England

winchesterWhatever beast stalks eastern Massachusetts, it remains in superposition with mainstream media. State officials are adamant the large beast is a coyote or a dog despite the evidence. Biologists across the country, on the other paw, insist mountain lions have returned to the Bay State after a 156 year hiatus.

Many witnesses maintain they saw was a mountain lion. Take Adrienne Altstatt who saw the lion last October but didn’t tell anyone lest they label her a crazy cat lady.1

durham_lionWhile these bureaucrats play see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, they’re forgetting in 2011, a cougar ended up as roadkill in Milford, CT after prowling 1600 miles / 2600 km from South Dakota2. The plot thickens as another mountain lion being spotted3 near Middlefield, CT, a two hour drive away. Are they the same beast? Next-of-kin to the 2011 cougar? On the gripping hand, we might have a mountain lion in our universe and the universe next door has a coyote with a thyroid problem.

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  1. Jon

    03/27/2014 at 6:35 PM

    The eastern cougar is still extinct by the letter of the law. That doesn’t mean a western cougar can’t go on a long hike and wind up over here. It only means there isn’t a sustainable population left for reproduction. There is a very big difference, even if it’s only a technicality. There are enough sightings to say they might be around here and there, but they have a long way to go towards generational reproduction which they need to be declared acclimated east of the Mississippi.

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