Everything Old Is New Again: Psi Ops, Reagan, And The Star Gate Project

Everything Old Is New Again: Psi Ops, Reagan, And The Star Gate Project

chubbycocksBefore Greenwald met with Edward Snowden in May of 2013, everyone would laugh about the US government’s alleged domestic spying program. A few days later, the terrible truth cast a pall over the internet.

Now Glenn reveals the latest leak on how covert agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations.1 By flooding the internet with contradictory stories, disinformation, and infiltrating online communities, intelligence agencies are hard at work discrediting dissidents and manipulating online discourse. Whether these agencies have perfected Scientology’s “fair game” doctrine vs. ‘suppressive persons’, or Scientology ripped them off is up in the air.

Of interest to Who Forted?, and other fortean outlets, are passing references to UFOs. Regardless of one’s reputation and station, the moment someone announces they saw a UFO, they’re denounced as a crank, a drunk, or a nutcase. Nothing new is happening here, except for the medium. In Mirage Men, Mark Pilkington outlines how the Air Force’s Office of Special Operations planted UFO stories to undermine their enemies. Even fellow travellers can’t be trusted. Case in point, Bill Moore’s shenanigans to pushPaul Bennewitz over the deep end.2 It’s been proven, time and again, these tactics are devastating to individuals, and nations.

yoofohThe 40th President of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan, was the oldest known human to assume the highest office of the land. Not ashamed of his faith, Ronnie’s rhetoric on godless, evil empires helped nudge the doomsday clock several minutes towards midnight.3 During both of his terms, he played the part of a senile man who loved Jesus, jelly beans, and naps. The only bee in his bonnet being communism, a position he made well known during the McCarthy era.


In the face of Reagan’s apparent instability, fearing if he heard the voice of God, or the stars were right45, he’d set World War III into motion. A year after the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists brought us 3 minutes to midnight, Reagan reinforced the persona of a hawkish loose cannon for the amusement of some radio engineers.

Being sensible, the USSR sunk every last ruble into espionage, and a futile arms race. Two fragile Soviet Premiers, and a port wine-stained CIA puppet later, the Iron Curtain came crashing down, and Russians could breathe free.

At least for a couple of years.

Reagan wasn’t the only tool in the wheelhouse of America’s alphabet soup of black funded agencies. Long before being consider a ‘friendly’ witness to the House Un-American Activities Committee, Soviet moles were spoon fed news of groundbreaking discoveries and inventions of their capitalist competition. Presented under the umbrella of Project Star Gate, where America’s best and weirdest pursued remote viewing, precognition, clairvoyance, out of body experiences, among other siddhis to leverage against the looming, atheist threat in the east.

star_gateRussian culture has a positive perception of supernatural phenomenon, whether it’s believing (if tongue-in-cheek) in legendary figures like Baba Yaga, or Koshei the Deathless. Even communist leaders like Uncle Joe Stalin heeding the advice of his psychic Wolf Messing, Brezhnev consulting Juna Davitashvili6, perpetuating the czarist legacy of consorting with mystics and magicians. Threads of the outré are woven deep into the warp and woof of Russian culture. Being human, how could anyone pass up such wild tales?

After all, the USA was first in developing the atomic bomb, heralding a grand new age of science. Casting a long shadow over the planet, cast by the flashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, magnified by notorious optimism, the myth of anything being possible in America solidified in the world’s zeitgeist. Landing on the moon was icing on this cake.

Appreciating these accomplishments, believing the reality of Project Star Gate wouldn’t demand a leap of faith.

Then again, it shouldn’t take any effort to entertain the idea Project Star Gate’s endeavors were bunk, made out of whole cloth to fake out the USSR.

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