Haunted Horror: The True Story of Georgia's Corpsewood Murders

Haunted Horror: The True Story of Georgia’s Corpsewood Murders


Being openly gay in certain parts of the United States has always been dangerous. And for two men living in rural Georgia, this was proven true one night in 1982. Today, nature has reclaimed scene of a horrific crime, swallowing up the traces of human habitation on Taylor Ridge. But the exact events surrounding the deaths of Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom still are topics of debate and angry words around Summerville, Georgia.

Out of all the stories I’ve blogged and written about over the past decade, Corpsewood Manor has been the most controversial. Some people still believe the convicted murderers should have been found innocent. Tales of satanic worship, rape, and drugging with LSD have muddied the crime and made the victims seem less like your average gay couple and more like evil inhuman beings. Today, the site is considered extremely haunted and many strange tales have been told by those brave enough to wander deep into the woods, risking harm from the living far more than from the dead.

Dead Horse Road

A boulder blocks Dead Horse Road, named for the equine corpse found there by Odom and Scudder.

The Corpsewood murders were the subject of a chapter in my last book; in fact, it was the first chapter I ever wrote. The night I finished writing it, I’m not ashamed to admit that I slept with the lights on. The combination of a gruesome murder scene and a creepy, isolated, haunted building ruin chilled me to the core. I don’t know how much of it was my imagination having spent weeks immersed in the details of the incident, but I never felt alone while writing the chapter. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well that night.


To better understand the whole story of Corpsewood, it’s important to know not only what happened that fateful night but who Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom were.

Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom

A photograph showing Charles Scudder, Joey Odom, and Beelzebub in happier times.

Charles Scudder was a professor of pharmacology at Loyola University in Chicago, a widowed father to four boys. He lived with his two dogs and a “quiet feminine” man named Joseph Odom. A fifth-grade dropout having spent several years on the wrong side of the law, Odom served as a housekeeper and “companion” for Scudder. By all accounts, Odom was more than just an employee of Scudder. The two men shared a bed.

As university politics and “unruly medical students” became more and more unbearable, Scudder felt the need to escape the chaotic, busy city life according to an article he wrote about his uprooting for Mother Earth News in 1981. He found 40 acres of woodland in northern Georgia for sale—miles away from the nearest neighbors—and once he saw it for himself, he bought it. On his 50th birthday, he resigned from Loyola University, sold off nearly everything he owned, and set off with Odom to begin a new, peaceful life in the Appalachians. Living out of a camper on the property, the men built their brick mansion by hand, just the two of them. Upon seeing the endless stand of barren trees around them that first winter, they chose a fitting name for their new home: Corpsewood.

Scudder and Odom lived simply in their two-story home. A wood stove provided heat, a chemical toilet served as an outhouse, and they grew their own food. Behind the house was a small vineyard for making homemade wine. Though he was an atheist, Scudder was fascinated by religions and the occult and adorned the interior with all manner of strange object and antique. In front, a pink-painted concrete gargoyle overlooked a rose garden tended to by Odom. Beside the house was a three-story chicken house, the top floor of which was nicknamed the “Pink Room” and served as a recreation room for socializing with guests.

In the winter of 1982, everything changed. What follows is a detailed chain of events, pieced together through meticulous research into newspaper archives and testimonies of the time, telling the true tale of what happened at Corpsewood Manor:

Brock and West in 1982“In November of 1982, Kenneth Avery Brock moved into the Halls Valley trailer of a 30-year-old unemployed construction worker by the name of Samuel Tony West. The 17-year-old part-time truck driver told West the tale of “queer devil-worshipers” living in the isolated country. Brock first met the couple while hunting deer on their property. He befriended them and spent many occasions drinking their homemade wine. Their relationship soon escalated; Brock may have become intimately involved with the men on numerous occasions (others speculate that Brock attempted to initiate a threesome with the couple but was denied). Scudder and Odom’s relaxed demeanor and effortless existence gave Brock the false impression that Scudder and Odom stockpiled an immense fortune. The vivid mind of 17-year-old Brock convinced Tony West they could become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

In a small town where rumors and gossip became gospel, Brock and West fell under the spell: blinded by greed. Disillusioned by their downtrodden lives, the duo hatched a plot to rob the couple of their fortune and run away, free to live their lives as they had always dreamed. After hatching the burglary plan with West, Brock’s visits took on new meaning. In November of 1982, he visited the “castle in the woods” several times in an attempt to study the layout of the house. Unfortunately, his sexual encounters with Scudder and Odom were limited to the Pink Room and he was never granted entry into Corpsewood Manor.

Scudder's ransacked bedroom

Crime scene photograph of the ransacked bedroom inside Corpsewood

On the evening of December 12, 1982, the plan was set into motion. Brock made a stop at his mother’s trailer to pick up a .22 caliber Remington automatic rifle “to use rabbit hunting”. The duo stopped to visit Joey Wells and offered to take him and his date, Teresa Hudgins, out joyriding. West and Brock suggested a visit to Corpsewood to drink some of their wine. While Joey was thrilled with the notion of free alcohol, Teresa was hesitant to meet the “devil-worshipers”. Convinced by the others that it would be fun, she finally relented. The four individuals slowly traveled through the hilly roads of Taylor Ridge, huffing a combination of paint thinner, alcohol, and glue called toot-a-loo. Teresa peered down at the rifle tucked between the front seats.

Charles greeted his unannounced visitors and bummed a cigarette for Odom, who was in the kitchen cleaning up after supper. Their visitors climbed the 40-foot ladder to the Pink Room, accompanied by Scudder. Wine was passed and the gathering became merry. Shortly thereafter, Brock stepped out to his car to get more toot-a-loo. He reappeared with his rifle minutes later, returning to his seat on the mattress.

Charles Scudder stifled a giggle. “Bang, bang,” he uttered, amused in his mild intoxication.

When Scudder stood to adjust a lantern, Brock leapt into action. He grabbed the former professor by the hair, slid a knife from out of his military boot, and pressed it against Scudder’s throat. Brock demanded money and tossed the professor onto the mattress. He cut strips of pin cloth from the sheets and bound Scudder in his heavy coat. West and Hudgins were terrified and ran to the car, but the engine refused to start. As they headed back to the Pink Room, they could hear Brock’s desperate, angry demands.

West stood up and handed Brock the rifle. Odom was interrupted in the kitchen by Brock ordering him out of the house. He looked up toward the doorway as Brock fired four rounds into Odom. Several more finished off the mastiffs, which never moved from their comfortable spot beside the wood stove.

Brock returned to the Pink Room and lead Scudder back to the house. The professor was ushered into the house where the gruesome scene met his eyes. As he stood over the bodies of his deceased lover and beloved mastiffs, a muffled moan escaped from beneath his gag. He knew the end was near.

Brock led him into the library, pulled down the pink gag in Scudder’s mouth, and sat him in a chair. Charles stood one final time and shuffled in his bound feet toward Odom’s body. West demanded that he stop. As he continued his slow movement, intently gazing at Odom’s corpse, Charles Scudder uttered his final words.

I asked for this.

West shot Scudder in the face at close range. Falling to his knees, Charles attempted to speak and stand. West fired again, sending the professor reeling backward into the bookcase. Scudder gurgled out unintelligible sounds as West fired three more shots into Scudder’s head.

Master Bedroom

Crime scene photograph of the master bedroom, dirty clothes still littering the floor.

West and Brock ransacked the house searching for the hidden fortune. They left with only a handful of dimes and nickels, bits of jewelry, silver candelabras, and a gold-plated dagger. The gold harp was too large to take with them. Less than two hours after arriving, the visitors left, splitting up between West’s red 1970 AMC Javelin and Scudder’s black CJ-5 Jeep with white pentacles painted on the doors.

Raymond Williams visited Corpsewood two days later to notify the couple of the passing of a friend in Rome, Georgia. He noticed bullet holes in the green kitchen door and called the police. West and Brock fled, but each was apprehended without incident.

During West’s confession to Chattooga County Sheriff Tony Gilleland, the suspect stated, “All I can say is they were devils and I killed them, that’s how I feel about it.

Headboard Carvings

The headboard in the Master Bedroom depicting a “devilish” head on the right.

As the trial went underway, Scudder and Odom were labeled “homosexual devil-worshipers”. Being reclusive made the victims easy targets for bigotry and hatred.  Scudder had joined the Church of Satan “to see what it was like”, according to his friend Raymond Williams. While inverted pentagrams are a common symbol in satanic imagery, the religion itself does not idolize Satan. LaVeyan (or symbolic) Satanism, as practiced by the Church of Satan, does not worship a deity; they worship the self. The devil is used as a symbol of humankind’s inner desires and is closely related to atheism. While the victims did possess some occult items and satanic artifacts, their religious beliefs did not affect their character.

Defense attorneys argued that the two murderers were given wine laced with LSD by Scudder, yet no evidence supported these claims. While on staff at the Strich School of Medicine at Loyola, the victim had been the Assistant Director of the Institute for the Study of Mind, Drugs and Behavior. Three vials of LSD-25 were found in a cigar box in Scudder’s desk. The defense attempted to prove that the murderers had been drugged and were temporarily insane at the time of the crimes, yet no trace of hallucinogenic drugs was found in the wine at the scene.”

While in jail, Brock attempted suicide. At trial, he was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to three consecutive life terms. He is currently serving his sentence in Georgia State Prison. Samuel T. West was convicted of double homicide and sentenced to die in the electric chair. The death sentence was repealed and he is currently serving out his life sentence at Augusta State Medical Prison.

There was a small private funeral ceremony held at Corpsewood. Odom’s ashes were scattered in his rose garden. Scudder’s body was sent home to Milwaukee at the request of his sister.

Corpsewood Crosses

Two white crosses placed at Corpsewood for Charles and Joey in memoriam.

Even during the police investigation, officers reported a feeling of being watched and a strange presence at Corpsewood. People who took souvenirs from the crime and house home with them reported bad luck and felt the objects were cursed. Even today, people visiting the site report shadows and apparitions believed to be Odom and Scudder. Gunshots, barking dogs, and shattering glass—as well as haunting melodies played on Scudder’s golden harp—have been heard there. After nightfall, some witnesses have claimed to see the glowing eyes of Beelzebub, one of Scudder’s mastiffs, staring at them from the woods.

Corpsewood Ruins

Corpsewood Manor ruins at night in 2006.

But far more terrifying than any ghostly reports are the events which played out at Corpsewood that winter night. Charles Scudder was an inactive member of the Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. In the wake of the murders, LaVey was angered by what happened to Scudder and Odom and the “injustice of what happened to them.” He viewed the double homicide as proof that there were still parts of the United States where eccentric individuals could be attacked for having what some people might view as abnormal beliefs.

And what did Scudder mean by his final words, “I asked for this”? Were they implying his befriending the wrong people and inviting them into his home or alluding to moving to an intolerant area with his partner? Or was it much deeper than that? Months before the incident, Charles Scudder painted a self-portrait that implies he may have had a premonition of his own death. In the painting, Scudder was gagged and had five bullet wounds.

What do you think? Was it justifiable homicide or just a botched robbery and hate crime? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or discuss it further with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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Ken Summers
Ken Summers is a historical researcher and purveyor of strange tales and forgotten hauntings. An explorer of haunted sites since 1995 and the apologetic creator of the "orb color chart," he has always endeavored to balance eager curiosity with logical questioning in the pursuit of truth. Ken is reluctant to call himself either a skeptic or a believer, yet throughout his life, he has had strange experiences that fall under the category of "unexplained". His last book, Queer Hauntings, was published in 2009.
Ken Summers
Ken Summers

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Justifiable homicide!? When is homicide justified? Take away all the “weirdness” factors and you have murder, plain and simple. Two innocent people lost their lives over someone else’s greed and ignorance. That place is saturated with sadness.

I met these guys and they seemed very nice to me I personally don’t believe half of the stories I have heard on these two guy’s and they were my neighbors. Rest in peace .. Charles and Joseph”..

Hum…I have read back several comments and am astonished that such a judgmental person as the area’s resident would claim Christianity and I wonder why you continued to reply to his/her comments which were rambling and in cohesive. This person is angry because they feel you have represented their population and area of the country unjustly because of comments made in your article period. Rather than refute your statements with rational logical arguments they have used religion and rather ineffectively at that. Also resident please don’t bother to respond to this comment as I would not engage with you. I… Read more »
I was Samuel wests (AKA Sidewinder) roommate for 18 months at Phillips state prison in Buford georgia and assisted him with legal work and appealed his case at the supreme court level, and am very familiar with his case being that I had his transcripts photos and all. Sidewinder insists he was there being recruited to the church of Satan. After drinking wine he started to hallucinate and feeling like he was being “brain fucked) and killed them. To say that it was a hate crime is puzzling to me because he had befriended a couple, but did not participate… Read more »
The fact is, you know very little besides what you’ve been told about this incident. I’ve lived here all of my life. These men weren’t looked on badly by most anyone while they were alive for being gay. While I DO NOT support such a degenerate lifestyle since I am a Christian, and it is clear you are nothing of the sort, Christians are called to love all and that is basically how they were accepted, except for people who found their ways odd in regards to the occult. Most of the people in the area went up and drank… Read more »

and the whole molestation thing?…wow…if this fool was molested by these men why did he keep going back?…I think that maybe the guy had done something with them..willingly…and hated the fact that he was himself a homosexual…he was in denial..and in a small town in Georgia?????…..I am willing to bet this…..he was so angry that they were able to live their lives out of the closet and he could not do it…didn’t have enough balls to do it…and he hated them for actually being able to live the life he wanted…happens every day…

Yes! I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head. I was thinking the same thing.

From GA, NOT an idiot.
PLEASE do not believe that all people from rural Georgia are like this. I’ve spent my whole life dealing with the “OH, you’re from the south” routine no matter where I was living at the time. Classism at its finest. Living in Summerville in the 90s was (and possibly still is) as bad as described. I was treated like shit just for not having an opinion on religion. I never once admitted my atheism to even my parents. I couldn’t bring myself to say it aloud until i was gone for 5 years. Truth about corpsewood is that 90% of… Read more »
Trion Resident I read your statement, And I too am a Christian. Jesus Christ said in Mark 12:30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. 31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. No where in any commandment does it say we should murder or destroy anyone because of their sin, beliefs or their chosen lifestyle. In John 8:7 Jesus… Read more »
Trion resident, you do realize that the bible has been written and rewritten several times over hundreds maybe thousands of years? Parts put in and taken out? Heck whole “books” are missing (example of books, book of Mathew, book of mark etc) I just don’t believe that God hates anyone. If we are all made in his image, we can all be saved, so how can he therefore hate? Mr summers, thank you for writing this with fact and with thought provoking questions. I am sure, nobody but those present at the time of the murders and God know what… Read more »
Justifiable?? You must be joking. These 2 ‘men’ who had nothing going for them went onto Scudder and Odom’s private property and murdered them in cold blood. Whether they had a different religion or sexual preference or not, was none of anyone’s business. They were living their life and not bothering anyone. I’m thrilled that both of those scumbags were given life in prison, although I’m quite surprised by the outcome. With the Good Old Boys in the South and their redneck mentality, I honestly thought they’d let them off with a slap on the wrist. What an absolute shame.… Read more »
Wasn’t the motive pure greed? Brock and West were looking for money that’s why they ransacked the place. I also see a gay on gay crime since Brock was apparently there on previous occasions looking for a sexual relationship then coming away with the idea the two men were rich. Maybe the murder had a vengeful aspect as well since the two victims apparently refused Brock’s advances. Scudder and Odem were two friendly fellows who wanted to live in peace. It sounds like they would have invited anyone in for a cup of coffee or wine and a good chat.… Read more »

what a horrific story they lived their lives didn’t bother anyone and slaughtered all for the love of money who reallly were the devils in this story..

‘what did Scudder mean by his final words, “I asked for this”?’

He could’ve in his own terms been takin’ responsibility for his imminent death thereby snatchin’ away from his killers the sense his fate was merely a matter of their whim.

Corpsewood Manor FB page
His last words in my opinion (from talking to friends, research, looking at documents etc) came from his instant realization that following his heart and his dreams (as outlined in his Mother Earth News article) had put them in a position of complete vulnerability. Knowing moving and leaving everything behind (phones, electricity, ability to get help) had made them targets. And seeing Joey shot in the floor caused him to start screaming out in pain and he started over toward him saying those words and getting shot. Looking at Joey dead in the floor, can you imagine how intense that… Read more »
First, I drive through Summerville a few times a year…it is quite beautiful, and while I live in metro-Atlanta, Summerville (and the rest of rural Georgia) are not bastions of tolerance. There are hippie/enclaves spread around, but for the most part it’s just regular folks who mind their own business. Still, gay Satanists wouldn’t exactly be welcomed in a place like Summerville…secret Wiccans abound, but they’re…secret Wiccans. For the record, I’m Christian, but I’m also “live and let live”. I mean…it’s an easy standard. Anyway…white trash proto-criminal 17-year old, sexually confused boy-man and his older buddy murder folks in the… Read more »

I have been here and taken photos… All have orbs in them. All have “smudges.” Something still lurks in those woods.

I live at the bottom of the mountain and have been there several times and have taken pictures as well. I have never felt creepy or captured any orbs. I get a feeling of sadness when I am there. I feel sad for the unnecessary loss of life!

Melisha, you live at the bottom of it? Some friends and I went down the dead horse corpse road and I swear that I walked maybe 100 yards and I heard what sounded like to me was a Matador sound. No kidding I was scared to death. We did keep going eventhough I wanted to turn around. It was a sad place a very sad place.

you know growing up in NW Ga. and living here today, I am surprised at how people from else where seem to think that the folks of NW Ga. are all a bunch of bigoted biased stereotypical “hillbillies” nothing could be further from the truth, if you take the time to get to know the people in this area you will find a decent hard working lot, who don’t take to strangers very well for this very reason, Scudder and Odom were not outcast in this area, yeah they were seen as a little odd but not outcast devil worshippers… Read more »
Reading this as a person who lives in this area and is a pagan, it’s so funny how much is missing. Like the fact that LSD was available in the “chicken house” for those who visited and that there was a “sign in” book for those who visited. The bottom line is these guys were killed in the name of greed. The killers went there looking for money and drugs and they murdered all who lived there in peace. You really should research a little more before you publish false information. It really had nothing to do with the couple… Read more »

This was a great article! After the murder, many people stole items from the house as “keepsakes” which were supposedly cursed, as you said. My aunt’s boyfriend at that time stole an ashtray with demonic/satanistic carvings on it. When she found out, she threw it in the trash, and weeks later it found itself back into the house, only at the bottom of an unused closet. Weird, huh? Everyone also calls that part of the mountain “D-W” or, Devil Worshiper’s mountain.

(Typing this on my kindle is slightly difficult)
Basically, the people of this county can be gracious enough when around a person but that doesn’t mean they accept them or even like them. Residents probably smiled and nodded when the saw the men at the grocery store then expressed their true feelings the minute they walked out. I know from experience what it’s like being “weird” in this town.

Awesome story, Ken. I need to read your account as well. I was familiar with the story, but you really paint a picture here. Don’t know why I’ve dragged my feet in getting your book. So many books, so little time.

It was great running into this story again. It is my favorite from your book. I think the isolation of the house and unknown practices of the owners add to the creepiness.


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Very nice article indeed. I found WF? some days ago and have become a fan ever since. By the way, have you read about the Hinterkaifeck murders? Just finished writing an elaborate article on them on my blog, please give it a read: http://allaboutoccult.blogspot.in/2014/02/the-hinterkaifeck-murders.html

Just bad judgment by the professor letting the murders come to his hidden castle in the woods. Sad today as it was even then is to place trust in people you know and even people you don’t know. I live an hour from the manor and have been there a couple of times. It looked to be a beautiful place at one time from the layout of the property. Sad that it is in the shape that it is in now. Was a good book with great pic’s about the murders but it is very hard to find. The pic’s… Read more »

Folks that associated with LaVey seem to wind up dead in grizzly ways, such as Jayne Mansfield.


[…] A fascinating and sad story of the Corpsewood Murders.. A must read from WHO FORTED.. […]


[…] A fascinating and sad story of the Corpsewood Murders.. A must read from WHO FORTED.. […]

I am just now reading about this murder for the first time. I appreciate the way you have written it. To me it seems like a classic example of a modern day hate-crime: The victims were murdered specifically because of either their sexual orientation or their religious beliefs. For the record, I am a Southerner, and hail from the Heart of Dixie. Tolerance was practically non-existent in those days. We have made much improvements, but there will always be places of regress no matter the geography. Personally I don’t glean from the story what your own beliefs are and I… Read more »

Yes the land is still there and the last time I was there,remnents of the house and chicken pen was to.its only 10 minets from my familys home where I grew up I knew both and spoke to them several times.if you would like to get directions or ask me any questions look me up on facebook my name is lisa whaley tipton I live in tn now but our farm is stil there and my family still lives just up the road from dead horse rd

ARE you kin to Donald Whaley? I am his hero.LOl

The ground at corpsewood is tainted i wander the mountains in trion and summerville on a daily and have many stories of well unexplained events which may as well have come from the shine lol….

Great article Mr. Summers! As a lifelong resident of Chattooga County, and having been just under a year old when these murders took place, I’ve grown up hearing about this case my entire life. As a teenager, my friends and I visited the site many, many times. Strange things happened to us all shortly after visits to the site, and several odd photographs were taken there as well. I’m sure the Corpsewood Manor murders will continue to be talked about for generations to come. Thanks for your documentation!

The religious spouting just comes off as plain ignorant.

We lived in Summerville during the time Scudder and Odom lived on Taylors Ridge. We cut firewood from this area of the mountain and saw and talked to them many times. They were friendly and cordial. My son and his friends visited the house and were welcomed. People were curious, but I don’t believe anyone hated them. I didn’t hear any ill spoken of them. I was sorry when I heard about the murders.

and Goddess help us with the Trion Residents comments. Perhaps they need to spend more time with the “holy word” and less time on the internet. SMIB

I took a brick from there once…… Bad idea.

I was born and raised in Chattooga county Ga. and I am happy to say that I now longer live there. Its a very beautiful place rich in history but small town/small mind. There is some sort of “class” system “good ol boy” B.S that is the social norm for this place.I remember when these murders took place, I also remember all the “crazy”stories and such. What happened to the golden harp? Was West tortured in jail , not to mention at that time the “police department” was ran by one of the most corrupt men in the county, (not… Read more »


I really enjoyed reading this. As a Chattooga resident I have been to Corpsewood and heard the many different stories about it. There is an aura about the place. You can feel the energy there and it is a mix of positive and negative. I believe the negative comes from the horrible hate and actions of the murders. When Scudder said ‘I asked for this’ I think that maybe he was talking about moving to Chattooga County altogether. I think these men wanted an ‘off the grid’ life and thought this beautiful area would be the answer. Unfortunately, they were… Read more »

Ppl in the chattooga cty area are very UNopen minded. Most are prejudice because of their “beliefs ” so to say. I am an open gay female and have been looked down on in that cty because of that.

Hmmmmmm-still a Trion resident
I lived just a few miles from Corspewood when all this took place. Road three wheelers and hunted with my dad, uncle, cousins and brother up and down Taylor’s ridge. Had some wild dogs chase us one time through the woods but that was a good year before the murders. Been through the narrows many times, hunting on the ridge and walked by Corspewood. Never seen anything out of the ordinary. Birds chirping, wind blowing, could see the blue/cloudy sky through the trees. Maybe you have to be Atheist or Satan lover to see and hear odd things. Considering I’m… Read more »

You forgot to mention the killers, before they were apprehended in Vicksburg Mississippi, killed a third man at a hwy restop.

The plot thickens.

what’s not to like you have sex drugs murder and devil worship. what went on at corpsewood before the murders is interesting. the story of the murders is interesting. and of course the demonic activity and hauntings are interesting. I’m surprised someone hasn’t made a motion picture out of this. murder at corpsewood a rob zombie film

Great article! My name is Tommy Golden and I am a film director based outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I would love to discuss this event with those of you who know more about it as well as the locals that are still living there.

I am in the process of writing a feature length film script about this event. I have more questions about the killers and there past criminal history. Most if not all killers have a past, so I am lead to think they did too.

Any help would be great and my email is [email protected]

I lived a few miles from Corpsewood Manor when all of this happened. I saw them several times in town. They minded their own business, it was everyone else that was in their business. My question is: I collected every Summerville News paper from start to finish. I also bought the paperback book,I think the Summerville News published. My question is what is the worth of all of this. I felt like some day it would be a collectors items. I don’t want to sell just an estimated idea of what all of it would be worth if you have… Read more »
Hi Pam. It is very difficult to find an original of Murder at Corpsewood for sale- the ones I have found sell for around $125.00. However, the seller indicated she has a hard time finding buyers willing to pay that. Just so you know, I am writing a book on the murders for History Press/Arcadia, which should be published spring 2016. I practiced law in the circuit beginning in the 1980’s and now own Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc, so I know the story from both sides. I have to turn my book in to the publisher in a month, and… Read more »

Check out my Corpsewood a castle in the woods Facebook page. It’s a memorial and historical project. We are always learning new things and sharing great photos, but victim bashing there is prohibited.

Deborah we have freedom of religion or from religion, so their religion shouldn’t even be a factor. Nobody is perfect so it’s not white washing. It’s sticking to the facts he knew without adding the stuff that was none of anyone’s business. And the “LSD” was never tested in a lab it was alleged..


In my opinion the fact that these two morons were found guilty (unless they plead, I cant remember but I thought you said there was a trial) and the sentences they were given in such a rural part of North Georgia for the murder of two gay men I don’t think the south is as bad as people think it is…or was.

We lived at Summerville at the time and cut our firewood near the Corpsewood manor. We often saw Scudder and Odem walking in the woods. They were both always polite and sociable. I don’t remember now, but I feel sure they invited us to their home. Some of our friends visited them and I never heard that the couple was anything other than hospitable. Scudder and Oden were very different from others in our county and people were interested. Tales were told about them but I never heard anything out of the ordinary by those who visited them at the… Read more »
Reading an article that depicts facts and opens discussion makes reading the comments and replying all the more fun. Hello readers, my name is Otis, and I would like to make you aware before commenting that my father was Catholic, my mother was Baptist, and I am a self proclaimed atheist. After reading this entire page I’ve come to a realization, corpsewood manor is quite the story, and the devils mountain nickname is proper for those who aren’t aware of the story, for whether the gay couple were satanic or giving sexual favors to the guests in the “pink room”,… Read more »
Howdy, I’m a lifetime N.Ga. resident; we played Trion in sports, so I live fairly close. In our defense we have all sorts of people, Christians and non believers, homosexuals, heterosexuals, bi-sexuals, just like everywhere else. I was 29 when this happened, but was a single parent, so I didn’t have much time for news. I think this was motivated by greed, period. It’s possibly revenge, who knows. I disagree with the person claiming that God hates. And I disagree with anyone thinking we are all hillbilly rednecks. Folks from the smaller towns in Georgia are very different from Atlanta… Read more »

IN NO WAY is this even slightly justifiable…

Interesting read. I have lived within about 45 minutes of Trion most of my life but just learned about these murders today. Does anyone know who owns the property now? Is the home dilapidated or has someone reclaimed it? Just curious. Also, I am not a Christian, devil worshiper, atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jew. …but don’t worry I wont judge you if you are.

What happened to the girl?

Leaving sexuality aside, it seems to me this article whitewashes these guys a bit. I’m NOT saying they deserved to be murdered! But they don’t fit the “harmless” halos the article paints them with, either.

Two men, interested in Satanism, inviting people over for casual sexual encounters (does not matter what kind), and doing LSD, are not men you want living next door or where your children can visit them.

Mitch "the dr." Walker
Ma’am, you seem to be talking out of both sides of your mouth here, first question, How do you know they were not “harmless”? second, simply because a person shows an interest in Satanism, don’t mean they are devil worshippers. and who they have sex with or do drugs with is none of your business, as long as they are good neighbors I could care less who they sleep with or what drugs they do…. the people who I don’t want living next door to me, are the self-righteous folks like yourself. I find it odd you had to preface… Read more »
I have read a few articles on this story. Facts I know: my father went to a few of the party’s at the residents. He said they seemed like nice people. This is not the only incident of death. My great aunt died on the mountain. The autopsy reviled she choked on her on vomit. She had no drugs or alcohol in her system. In 1993 some young people got caught in the blizzard on the mountain, two of them passed away. A few years ago I visited home, my boyfriend that is not from the area was driving in… Read more »