The Devil's Baby: Ravenswood, West Virginia's Creepiest Legend

The Mysterious Grave of the Devil’s Baby: Ravenswood, West Virginia’s Creepiest Legend

Ravenswood WV

Ravenswood WV

Ravenswood, a city located in Jackson County West Virginia along the Ohio River has always been a place of dark history. The town was built on a tract of land once owned by George Washington. River boats used to travel the Ohio River and Ravenswood was a major stop along their way. During the civil war a battle was fought about a mile north at Buffington Island.

Many famous and non-famous visitors have come and went over the years at Ravenswood and naturally some ghost stayed behind to roam the area. The cemetery is filled with some very interesting people. Even a Napoleon bodyguard is buried in the cemetery.

Growing up in Ravenswood West Virginia, I had never paid much mind to any ghost stories, I guess you say I was just interested in the girls. A friend of mine told me a story that the devils baby was buried in the local cemetery. He claimed a tomb stone which bore a photo of a baby with fangs glowed in the dark. He also claimed that at midnight you hear a baby cry.

The Devils Baby

The Devils Baby

Being the unbeliever that I was, I took him up on the offer to visit this grave for myself, of course, at night. Well, there we were, walking around a grave yard at night, no flashlight, just the light of the moon when all of a sudden I saw a glow. A grave stone was glowing! When I saw it I was amazed, not scared. The photo on the grave stone did indeed glow in the dark. And the photo of the baby did look as though it had fangs. But we never heard a baby cry, must have been sleeping well.


Years went by and I told my wife about this experience the other day. You see I had forgotten about it till now. We decided to visited the cemetery, this time we were going to visit it in the day light.

I had problems trying to locate the exact location of the grave stone. I asked an employee that worked there if he know of such a story, he laughed and said, “You mean the devil’s baby?” He then led us right to the grave site. The photo on the stone marker did resemble a baby with evil eyes and maybe some teeth that did resemble fangs. I guess the weather had taken the toll on the photo over the years. It did, indeed, glow in the dark. Maybe the paper the photo was printed on exposed to the sunlight had something to do with that or maybe, just maybe it is the devils baby. George the devil’s baby.


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Derek Cochran
DC (Ted Derek Cochran) was born in Parkersburg WV on November 11, 1961. Derek grew up writing music and poetry. His poetry has been published in several books. He took some time off to pursue the motorcycle business and became a motorcycle builder whose award-winning motorcycle was in Easyrider Magazine. After 20 years in the motorcycle business, he retired to pursue his interest in writing. He is the author of a children's Christmas book "Santa and His Reindeer Reunion" and a sci-fi adventure book "The Confessions of a Hither-man" and "Cochran, The Familly Tree". He currently writes stories and music and has many ideas for several books. He lives with his wife Karen in Ripley WV.

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I was born and have lived in Ravenswood, WV for 26 years. It is actually referred to as the “Devil Baby.” Supposedly, the baby was born with a bad facial deformity that caused it to have a devilish appearance. The ears were also pointed and it supposedly had fangs. I don’t know how old it was when it died, but usually babies don’t have teeth. The picture has also been defaced throughout the years and fangs were drawn on it at one point. Now, the picture is very weathered and the baby is barely visible at all. As far as… Read more »

Yup, 48 year resident, Devil (singularly) baby.

Its sad to me though because a baby did die and people just seem to make a joke of it. I must be getting too sentimental in my old age because I think, “these are real children who died people!”. At least their graves are still being visited though I guess.

I am George, the Devil’s baby. I can explain why I wasn’t crying that night. I normally go out at night. That is what all of us Devil babies do. Normally I go out until about 2:00 am, drinking and smoking, just blowing off some steam really. No hard stuff. Occasionally I pick up a hooker over by the BP. If you want to hear me cry, you have to be there in the morning, when I’m hungover. Nobody’s ever there in the morning though, I usually run the hookers off early.

Bahahaha. Hope you use protection with those hookers, devil baby.

interesting story, but that’s all it is…a story…wake up ppl, there are no ghosts, spirits, or ‘devil baby’…the headstone and pic is just old..whoever, came up with this nonsense years ago evidently had nothing else to do and were bored…entertainment, that’s all it boils down to

You would think the devil would take better care of his babies…

I grew up spending summers with my father and grandparents who lived in Ravenswood. Have seen the grave many times! The whole town reminded me of ghost towns, but never heard the baby cry! Often wondered what happened or who it really was!!!

I grew up n wv devils child lives in cross lanes on Klondike rd yes I heard bout babies called devils child

I do believe I may have been one of those ppl that told u about this Stormy?! Liz!!

Where is the cemetery at in Ravenswood, Wv. What was George’s last name? Really curious about the story. Would love to see the grave site.

Hello! I grew up in Ravenswood and spent many hours in the cemetery especially in my teens due to my proclivity for the paranormal and the unknown so I’ve seen this tombstone on several occasions. I always thought the story was quite sad considering the child was so young especially. Now my parents both have a spot in the same cemetery with their photos on their shared stone I hope that time will be better to their place of rest and not spark tales of something sinister in the future but knowing how much my parents loved inflicting a good… Read more »

He has a memorial on It’s Memorial# 77036091

Hi my name john I got news articles and pictures of my grandfather and his dad riding hotdr back to the last hanging pretty neat.i

i grew up in Ravenswood and remember this gravesite. As teenagers a group of us would go to the cemetery after dark to look at the baby’s pic. It was always a little spooky to be in the cemetery after dark.

Nice to see a Jackson County mention and I too am now curious for more information. Looking forward to your follow-up story. I have a brother living in Ravenswood, and I grew up nearby outside of Ripley.

I just got home from Ravenswood WV and yes the legend is true it is an awesome but creepy story but very cool

Does this story have anything to do with Ravenswood’s school mascot (the Red Devils)?

Marlene Parsons Harden

I grew up in Ripley in the 60’s and never heard this story , being into genealogy now I am curious about his family . Will have to check it out .

I moved to Ravenswood when when I was 6 months old. We lived at 1119 Virginia Street, right beside the cemetery. The Devil Baby was the reason most of us went to the cemetery at night. I have seen the picture glow, before the weather damaged the picture, you could see the baby’s ears were deformed into a small point. The eyes were very eerie looking. Like they could look into your soul. The eye teeth were very point and sharp looking.( mine were too when I cut them. Then I had them filed down some when I was older.… Read more »