Ghost Hunters Busted for Trespassing In Gettysburg's Reynolds Death House

Ghost Hunters Busted for Trespassing In Gettysburg’s Reynolds Death House

gettysburg_headerSite of the bloodiest battle in the Civil War, Gettysburg is one of the most haunted cities in America. Host to several ghost tour outfits, the city was past due for a heartwarming misunderstanding between law enforcement and their local chapter of Mystery, Inc. Last Thanksgiving, one of Gettysburg’s finest spotted unusual lights in a storefront that weren’t will of the wisps. Turns out a tour leader and two guests were engaged in some after hours ghost hunting. Quicker than a reddit kneejerk, they were held at gunpoint and handcuffed ’til the officers could verify with the proprietor they had permission to be there.

Servant’s Old Tyme Photos is one of the popular paranormal destinations along Steinwehr Avenue. Dubbed the Reynolds Death House, thanks to General John Reynolds who has the dubious honor of being the first general killed in the Civil War, has its own weird history.

The story goes, according to Mark Nesbitt’s Ghosts of Gettysburg, a pair of women had a glimpse into yesteryear late one night. Peeking in the windows, the rooms were spare save for a man on a cot accompanied by a woman in black holding vigil. When they returned the next day, they found the daytime store didn’t match up with what they saw the night before. Bonus, they spooked the shopkeeper by pointing out a door normally hidden by a pegbord.

Considering this encounter took place a week after the LeBeau Plantation fire, were the police overzealous in the pursuit of justice? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!



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