Hello, Procrastination: Animal Planet Has a 24 Hour Sasquatch Camera

Hello, Procrastination: Animal Planet Has a 24 Hour Sasquatch Camera


Hey Bigfooters, now you can go Squatchin’ without ever leaving the comfort of your computer chair. Just in case you didn’t already know, Animal Planet has given us crypto-lovers a Live Sasquatch Camera, streaming 24 hour footage of an undisclosed Bigfoot hot-spot… and by golly, I can’t stop watching it!

If you’re anything like me, and you love wasting time on websites like Willard’s Library Ghost Cam, or even the Paranormal World Cam, get ready because you’re probably going to lose hours staring into the tree-line, just waiting for the big hairy guy to make an appearance. Me? I haven’t seen squat so far.. but you might have better luck.

If you’re interested, head over to the Sasquatch-Cam Ustream and do some armchair Squatchin’! If you see something find us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!



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Dana Matthews

Dana Matthews

Co-founder, Editor, Writer at Week in Weird / Planet Weird
Managing editor, occult museum curator, and paranormal TV junkie, Dana has been actively investigating the strange and the unexplained for two decades. When she’s not telling ghost stories or penning articles about real haunted places, she's chasing mysteries with Planet Weird. Learn more about Dana.
Dana Matthews

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Ah Dana I’m so happy you’re back. I thought it just possible spending time in the normal world outside Who Forted? might’ve led you to wonder if all the unappreciated hardwork you an’ Greg put in effectively FOR FREE was worth it. Now all we have t’do is conjure up a Redfernian tulpa to appear before the cam’ra just as you’re watchin’ an’ all’ll be right with the world. I have t’say though it’s more like t’be a tulip than a tulpa t’go by Nick’s latest line in natty headgear it brings out his inner dissolute Byronic epicene rockstar rake… Read more »

This has to be the best time-wasting device in the history of the internet. Animal Planet, you’re a marketing genius.