Real Estate Company Names Washington Most Bigfoot-Friendly State

Real Estate Company Names Washington Most Bigfoot-Friendly State


Where is the best place in America for Bigfoot to set up house? According to one real estate company, it’s Washington, a place Sasquatch hunters have been pointing to for years.

With a reported 500 Sasquatch sightings a year, Estately says that the Pacific Northwest seems to be the place to go if you’re looking to have a run in with the big hairy guy. With the fifth most acreage of forest in America, it’s the perfect location for Bigfoot to settle down, not to mention the fact that Skamania County actually has laws on the books that forbid Bigfoot hunting of any kind.

Plus, it’s where they filmed Harry and the Hendersons, which has got to count for something.


Coming in at close second to Washington was California, who lost out on the top spot due to its over-population and lack of Bigfoot laws. Maybe once Finding Bigfoot actually, you know, finds him, he’ll decide to move out to LA and embrace his stardom.

Until then Bigfoot will have to brave the rain and set up house in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest greenery, and heck, maybe even take a hike into Seattle every once and a while to grab a burger at Red Mill.

What do you think? Did this real estate company hit the mark with their list, or would you point Bigfoot in another direction? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments below!


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