Crystal Clear Bigfoot Vocalizations Captured in Ontario Woods

Crystal Clear Bigfoot Vocalizations Captured in Ontario Woods


Did a group of Bigfoot hunters capture Sasquatch’s audio antics on film in Ontario’s woods?

In a video entitled “Sasquatch Speaks” which was posted to the YouTube channel Sasquatch Ontario on Sunday, the group  claims to have captured some fairly impressive video. The ten minute long clip contains no visual evidence, but instead is of a group of men supposedly interacting with what they claim is the big furry guy everyone seems to be looking for.

bigfoot hand


The video includes a series of loud bangs and pops which the group claims are rocks being tossed at the car during the entire duration of the night. Finally one of the men asks Sasquatch if he wouldn’t mind leaving a hand print on the door of one of the nearby cars, and wouldn’t you know it.. he complies. What a nice guy.

The handprint left in the dust stretches 10 inches across and 12 inches long, obviously larger than most human hands, and sports a set on very long looking fingernail marks to boot. Here’s what the team Sasquatch Ontario had to say:

“This is real. We’re not trying to take your money. This is about showing the true nature of sasquatch and that misinformation has given them a bad rap.

The fear has dissolved over time. We each have our own level of fear to conquer and it does take some time.”

If that’s not enough for you, the video ends with a string of very strange sounding grunts and belches they claim are vocalizations by the lovable furball. The audio is strange indeed, and sounds awfully similar to the famous “Sierra Sounds” captured in the 70’s, but without any vocal analysis there’s no way to prove or disprove whether they were faked or not.

Regardless of what you believe, the video is well worth the watch, even if I couldn’t help but thinking Bigfoot sounded a bit more like this guy than any hairy monster.

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