Prime Spot Bigfoot: "Sasquatch Habituated" Land for Sale in Georgia

Prime Spot Bigfoot: “Sasquatch Habituated” Land for Sale in Georgia


Are you a Sasquatch hunter in the market for a new home? You’re in luck, because a property with a clan of friendly ‘Foot’s just went on the market in Georgia.. if you can handle the downsides.

The property is located in rural Carroll County, Georgia and consists of a 14 year old double-wide mobile home with 3 bedrooms, and 2 full baths, a fireplace, and front and back porches. It sits on almost 6 acres of land, that is completely forested, except for the area immediatly surrounding the house. Oh yeah, and it’s home to several Bigfoot, or “Big Guys” as the owners call them.

626708_orig“We have seen them repeatedly, heard them, smelled them, have found numerous foot prints, and have strange tree and branch structures here that they have built” wrote Lori Bossert in her listing. “We put food up in our ‘Giving Tree’ every night, and almost every night-the food is taken.”


Living on a plot of Bigfoot inhabited land might sound like a blast, but it does have it’s drawbacks, particularly if you like sleeping peacefully at night. Aside from their howls and strong scent, Bossert says that the clan has a penchant for smacking the side of the house.

“They often come up to the house and ‘talk,’ and sometimes bang on the walls if they are trying to get our attention,” she says, adding that it’s often how they show their displeasure with changes to the property.

Bossert says they have managed to take photos of the creatures, their tree structures, and plenty of their footprints, evidence which has been confirmed by the Georgia Bigfoot Society and North American Bigfoot Research Organization as “genuine and authentic”.

If you think the property might make for a perfect Sasquatch research station, and the $77,000 asking price sounds reasonable, there’s only one more hurdle when it comes to purchasing the land:

Absolutely NO HUNTING will be permitted of them, and this will be reflected in the sales contract!! We don not want these Big Guys harmed in any way-no setting traps, or anything else that would harm them will be permitted either. If you want to set up trail cameras after the purchase of the property-that’s fine. They don’t like them though, and you may get some bangs on the house because of it.

Justin Smeja, Rick Dyer need not apply.

For more information on the property, including photos and contact information, you can check out the listing here. If you go through with the purchase, make sure you invite us to the housewarming party.

What do you think of the listing? Is 80 grand a good price for prime Squatch real estate? Do big hairy squatters reflect in a higher or lower land price? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page, on Twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments section below.


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