Boys Find Decomposing "Sasquatch Foot" in Woods, Police Investigating

Boys Find Decomposing “Sasquatch Foot” in Woods, Police Investigating


Did two young boys stumble across the decomposing remains of a Bigfoot foot in the Lakeville, Massachusetts woods this week?

On March 29th Sgt. Steven Leanues arrived to the wooded area just off Pantheon Road where the boys had described to local authorities what they found during their outing. What Leanues discovered was what looked to be a strange, partially decomposed foot, possibly belonging to a human being.

Enterprise News reports that the strange foot was sent by Lakeville Police Chief Frank Alvilhiera to a medical examiner, but the returning results caused more questions than answers. The foot, it seems, is not human at all.


There have since been some speculation that the appendage in question isn’t a foot, but actually a bear paw. Strangely, the foot does appear to have five toes and though it is much smaller than one might expect Bigfoot to have, the small size has caused some Bigfoot enthusiasts to wonder if didn’t belong to a Sasquatch youth.

Not much else is known about the mysterious foot, though Alvihiera would add that it has been sent away for further testing, leaving the mystery is still up in the air until the results come back.

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It’s /gross/, is what it is.

Gotta say Bear Paw. People are just not familiar with what animals look like without fur.

Why does it look like it has been “sawed” off? Or is it just me?

I may be right out of line here, but my first thought was “plant kingdom”. Roots.
Terri in Joburg

I suspect that it’s a bear paw too — they can look quite humanoid with the fur off. Could be from a carcass, could be from a taxidermist’s trash. In fact, I have heard of this same mis-identification before.

“….just off Panteon Road..” Panteon is Spanish for cemetery. It looks more like someone dropped their babyback ribs, to me.

Possibly Andrea’s foot from the finale of The Walking Dead. Not cool, bro.

Off topic, but I stumbled across this and thought you guys might find it interesting. sorry, no bigfoot here:

Reminds me of the clawed ‘hand’ we found in a small cave out in the Bruneau (sp?) Canyon area in ’06. Very old bones. If you didn’t know what a racoon’s paw looks like, it would have seemed very human and quite weird (it WAS awfully large). I’d like to hear/read what the findings will be on this one.