Contractors Capture Chilling Video of "Nude Ghost" During Renovation [Video]

Contractors Capture Chilling Video of “Nude Ghost” During Renovation [Video]


Contractors renovating old prison housing were left terrified when a break time dare turned into a brush with the paranormal, sending one worker running for his life. Luckily, he had a camera in hand.

When the duo of contractors picked up a job renovating an old building in Derby with a reputation for ghostly happenings, such as odd cold spots, mysteriously flickering lights, disembodied knocks, bumps, and the like (after all, the previous owner died in the home), it became a routine joke to challenge one another to a kind of “terror endurance” game. The two would dare one another to go into the basement, the source of the odd disturbances, and see how long they could last.

“See how long you can stay down there for,” one contractor, Tom, says to the other.


“Ahh… no!” is the immediate response.

Well eventually, as tends to happen with dares, the taunted builder wound up in the basement with a camera phone in his hand. He lasted a full 30 seconds before witnessing an admittedly spooky sight, that of a “nude ghost”, that sent him fleeing.

Tom posted the video online yesterday, sharing the footage and asking for an explanation.

An image some viewers say shows a second, cloaked figure in the video

An image some viewers say shows a second, cloaked figure in the clip

“On our dinner break we decided it would be a great idea to make a video of us (well my friend) venturing into the cellar, or basement for the Americans. My friend is the one filming it,” he told Reddit. “Now he is ALWAYS playing practical jokes on people, but when he came running up the stairs he was white as a ghost. All he did when he stopped filming was replay this video…”

The clip starts as many other “paranormal” videos on the internet do, with fluttering orbs (just dust) and spooky mist (probably breath), but the video takes a drastic turn about a minute and a half in, when Tom’s partner turns to see what appears to be the nude figure of a man crouching in the corner of the basement. Several curses and a few seconds later, he’s back up the stairs and headed out of the building.

“I am as sceptical as the rest when it comes to this stuff ,” Tom said. “But when you are a witness of something like this yourself, it’s safe to say your mind soon changes!”

Viewers were quick to break the video down, some speculating that the chilling figure could simply be the image of a recluse holed up in the building, but Tom claims that the two renovators were the only ones there that day. Other armchair analysts even found what they believe to be another bystander in the clip, shrouded in a dark cloak.

I took the liberty of enhancing a frame from the footage as best I can, and it does indeed look an awful lot like the bare torso of a man. The question is, if it really was a man, and not a phantom, what was he doing naked in a freezing basement? In any case, it looks like we are to take Tom at his word on this.

Watch the video below, and let us know what you make of it. Did Tom capture a terrifying encounter with a spirit? Or did he walk in on a homeless man talking a crap? Tweet us your thoughts @WeirdHQ, drop us a line on Facebook, or leave a comment below!


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