Watch: Interview With a Survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse [Video]

Watch: Interview With a Survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse [Video]


Stories of secret occult sects kidnapping schoolgirls for depraved rituals go way back, but rarely did they ever cause such a frenzy as they did in the 80’s. Every week brought another story of satanic cults “collecting digits” while high on PCP, or an Oprah special highlighting the growing problem of children turning to orgies thanks to a growing interest in the occult.

Sure, plenty of these cases were either pure fiction or crimes sensationalized by throwing Beelzebub into the mix, but there’s always a few stories that manage to conjure up the fears that somewhere out these, these secretive groups do indeed exist.

One of these tales is retold in a video, straight out of the 80’s, uploaded to YouTube last week. In the grainy, Japanese subtitled VHS rip, a young woman recounts the time she was abducted by a group of animal sacrificing, blood drinking, orgy-having faux-Satanists who kept her locked up in a warehouse for two months. Whether the clip makes your skin crawl or question the subject’s honesty, it’s a fantastic slice of retro suburban nightmares.


Watch the clip below, and if you have any idea as to the source of the video (and where we can find the whole thing), by all means, let us know. Drop us a line on twitter @WhoForted, visit our Facebook page, or leave a message in the comments.


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