Nearly 40 Dogs Vanish from Idaho Community, Ritual Killings Suspected

Nearly 40 Dogs Vanish from Idaho Community, Ritual Killings Suspected


Authorities are baffled after dozens of canines have gone missing in southern Idaho, only to be found dead from wounds that have the community murmuring about occult rituals and animal sacrifice.

Since November, almost 40 dogs have gone missing from the rural Twin Falls community in southern Idaho, an area referred to as “Magic Valley”. The local humane society said it was if the animals “vanished into thin air” without a trace.

That all changed when earlier this month when the body of one of the missing dogs, a German shepherd, was found draped in a purple cloth, it’s head crushed with a rock. Officials believe that the eerie discovery is a sign that the animal was executed in some kind of occult ritual, and it has the sleepy community worried for the safety of their own pets.


The director of the Twin Falls animal shelter claims that people have even seen the abductors themselves.

“They saw them loading them in their vehicle,” Debbie Blackwood told KPVI-TV. “They let their little dog out, next thing she knows a red van pulls up and she has to race out and retrieve it [from] an older person in the dark.”

Since then, the bodies of other dogs have turned up, many with their mouths duct taped shut and their teeth filed off. Authorities aren’t sure if the cases are related, but don’t believe that any of the animals found were involved in illegal dogfighting.

For now, the case the remains unsolved, and police are warning dog owners to keep a close eye on their pets and report any suspicious activity. The local animal shelter has gone one step further, offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the dog-napping ritual killers.

“Animals go missing every day,” Blackwood said. “What’s disturbing about this trend is that there is absolutely no trace of them.”

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