Destined to Destroy Ourselves: Amazing Artifacts and Alternate History

Destined to Destroy Ourselves: Amazing Artifacts and Alternate History

When one thinks about the ancient world, the visions that often come to mind are of antiquated people, doing antiquated things, with antiquated contraptions. Building the pyramids with ropes and crude wooden pulleys, or sucking back fumes from a hole in ground in order to consult an oracle. These things seem laughably quaint to us with our computer programmed machines and Science™. But what if our ancestors had actually progressed along further than we might think? I’m one of a growing number people who believe that we, as the human race, have reached a level of technology comparable to our current level long before now, and several times at least. There are many others who, for some years now, have been not been content with history as it has been reported, and are curious as to whether or not we’ve not reached even more advanced levels of technology before being “reset”, or perhaps damning ourselves to the Stone Age again through bad decisions.

Why would anyone begin to believe such a thing? After all, our history books, our sciences, are infallible, aren’t they?

Artifacts. Not clay pottery or stone tools. Strange artifacts, tools we can’t quite figure out. Objects made from “future” material, or designed in such a way that they couldn’t possibly have belonged to the civilizations we see as so quaint. Some of them we still can’t figure out. Artifacts such as these:

Roman Deca


Roman Dodecahedrons

These artifacts have been discovered all over, with locations ranging from Italy, to Wales, and even Germany. These 12 sided bronze artifacts have a large hole in the center, and they have large holes in the top, and some in the sides. These artifacts have no known significant purposes, but they’re strange, unusual, almost sci-fi. Wax has been found inside several of them, and they’ve been though to be anything from religious artifacts to survey equipment.



Spiral metal from 20,000 years ago

In Russia, along the Narada river, were found small, spiral metal artifacts that are extremely modern in manufacturing processes and in machined accuracy. These artifacts have been discovered about 10 to 40 feet under the earth along riverbeds. The larger ones are made of copper, tungsten, and molybdenum, two rare metals that are extremely difficult to work with due to the extreme heats required to work these metals. Their purpose remains unknown.


Piri Reis Map

Maps of the world

There are hundreds of maps on stone, leather, and paper that graph the world, include America and South America, and were created long before ancient humans “should” have been able to map the earth. Some of the best artifacts of this type is the Piri Reis Map, which was created by a famed Turkish Admiral. By 1513, he had collected or created maps showing everything from the Eastern coasts of South and North America to parts of Antarctica. There exist many more ancient maps that depict the early civilizations had knowledge of the entire world.


William Connector

The Williams Connector

In the late 90’s John Williams was walking along a trail that was 30 feet or so from hisusual path, and happened to kick up an odd rock. Upon examination, he found what looks like three connectors sticking out of the rock, reminiscent of electrical or audio connections. In the photo you see the circular part of the connector. What little examination that has been done on this object has shown that the prongs are not metal or stone, but an unknown material.

Ancient History Revised? Or Mischievous Hoax?

If you take a look at these ancient creations, and others, such as the Baghdad batteries, the Nazca Lines, and the Dropa stones, you could have some compelling evidence for things not quite lining up with the way they are presented to us in history books. But while many of these artifacts are compelling, and I have no doubt that plenty of them genuinely evidence of unaccounted for ancient technology, one important thing to remember is this: hoaxes happen all the time. There are always the few who are driven to spin, exaggerate, and just plain lie in order to sell a book or television show, so it’s always a solid plan to keep your wits about you when your researching into “lost ancient technology”.

For a long time, I have purposefully stayed away from the websites where there was clear agenda to make something look exciting or to promote a personal belief. If we were to research half the claims made, I will be the first to admit that more than half of them are probably stories told to promote the idea that ancient aliens or divine interventions occurred in the evolution of man. The spiral metal from Russia is particularly intriguing, because as I researched them more, and the more I looked at the photos, I realized that they seemed to be parts of maybe a boat or ship, and they were, after all, found along a river bed.

The Dropa Stone Discs

Something else that has occurred to me is the ancient stone carvings in boulders is this: if we have these ancient stones showing flight, advanced weaponry, and other amazing technology… why the hell were they still carving into stone? One could argue that they were trying to preserve the data for future retrieval, or discovery, but you would think they would tell the whole story, and not just the “star maps” or flight patterns.

If these things existed, we would have to revise our history, and re-writing history isn’t as simple as changing the text books in our schools and colleges, the information would have to be verified by truly independent and verifiable researchers and professors. To get someone who isn’t normally going to seriously look at these artifacts is difficult. Why?  It would essentially mean that they would be tasked with out-dating their career. If these massively monumental discoveries of ancient technology should be found to be real, these researchers would have to relearn everything they held as true.

By accepting the idea that we might have destroyed ourselves several times in the past, we are forced to take a long look at religious beliefs and scientific teachings. The world as a whole would look at the institutions of religion, of large parts of history, only to realize that we had been lied to. history is told by the winners, after all. But, as I look at the evidence, I don’t think if aliens had intertwined themselves with us as many people now think they had, they would let us destroy ourselves so easily. Why waste the time and resources to help these semi-intelligent creatures so they can destroy themselves? Given the time, humans will be able to create things all on our own, and it’s up to us not to destroy ourselves with the things we’ve built.

The question I’m most fascinated with though is not whether or not we’ve once built ourselves to the sky only to fall, but why we might have fallen to begin with.

Final thoughts

I really think that human ingenuity allows for us to advance much quicker than we’re told. In the last 100 years we’ve achieved flight on planet, and in just the last 50 years, flight to space. What or where can we go in another hundred years? We have a world wide infrastructure that allows me to talk to people in Italy in their native tongue, even though I don’t speak Italian. I can download an entire year’s worth of television series in matter of minutes. I carry around the sum of human achievement on a device in my pocket. Humanity doesn’t give itself enough credit for what we can achieve in such a small time frame. Likewise, we also underestimate the destructive nature within us, the one that caused us to build such devastating devices like the atomic bomb, a weapon engineered for the sole purpose of wiping ourselves out in mass numbers. Ironically, our ingenuity is only matched by our stupidity.

If you choose to believe that we had once reached technological heights similar to the ones we experience now, with that believe inevitably comes a warning: with great power comes great responsibility. Have we been here before? The answer might lie in the ruined debris of the past, a message to be careful what we do with our future.


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  1. Kirsty

    02/05/2013 at 4:13 PM

    Excellent article Todd. I’ve always had an interest in archaeology, even doing my first degree in it (I blame Indiana Jones for that) but later discovered the books of Graham Hancock. The idea that we may have our ‘set’ history wrong is fascinating. All these unanswered questions suddenly opened up a world of possibilities. I love reading the alternative archaeology stuff now for some fresh ideas and viewpoints.

    • Todd Misura

      02/05/2013 at 6:35 PM

      I’ll have to check out Graham Hancock, but its interesting that you studied archaeology… Did they cover any of these types of artifacts or did they not even mention them?

      • Kirsty

        02/06/2013 at 5:50 PM

        To be honest, anything odd or uncertain was labelled ‘of religious significance’. Cheating, really, instead of admitting that we just don’t know.

        • Todd Misura

          02/06/2013 at 7:59 PM

          Yes that is cheating, but religious importance is subject to personal interpertation so what might be important to someone (IE: Shroud of Turin) might just be a rag to someone else.

      • Chris

        02/11/2013 at 8:04 PM

        While your at it have a look at Alan F. Alford’s books he talks about the same thing. Our biggest mistake is our ignorant thought of humankind today being smarter and more advanced than in the past. Here is is webby… pretty interesting stuff

        • Kirsty

          02/12/2013 at 3:52 PM

          Just ordered The Phoenix Solution. Ta Chris.

          • Chris

            03/03/2013 at 10:28 PM

            No worries :)… Im looking at a few of graham’s hancocks books now so thank you for the reference..

          • Chris

            03/03/2013 at 10:30 PM

            Its interesting Alan thinks we may have the chronology backwards with the pyramids…. I wont spoil it for you but be interesting to learn of your view once you have read it…coming from your archaeological background.

    • Nora

      12/12/2013 at 3:34 AM

      your totally right, I have a bunch of questions in my head when
      I think about history. Why is it that somehow that our ancestors have
      such detailed work, as in artefacts? Even now in our present the technology is not as detailed as our history’s artefacts. What possible material did they use?

  2. Ken Summers

    02/05/2013 at 7:13 PM

    And there go a few bookmarks I’ve made for future articles. LOL

    As an avid reader of history, archaeology is one of my unstudied passions. I’d love to conduct excavations one day, but for now I just try to stop myself from being tempted to dig at interesting spots on federal land. LOL

    I’ve read about a few of these artifact and many others. Some turn out mundane, while others leave me still at a loss (like Puma Pumku).

    As you said, history is written by the winners, which is why so much of learning history is wading through propaganda and boasting and outright fictions and finding the reality beneath. As a species, we have this tendency to think we’re smarter than everything–including animals and past civilizations. But in fact, while technologically we’re progressing quickly, I often think we’re becoming far stupider than our counterparts only one or two centuries ago. (Just thinking about all the renewable resources we used for daily life in the past that have been replaced by reliance on fossil fuels is enough to make me question intelligence.)

    Could this all be “a little bit of history repeating”? Anything’s possible. But I’ll reserve final judgement until we’ve had some experts scrutinize things and weigh in. Even though history is written by the winners, there’s still a sucker born every minute…

    • Todd Misura

      02/05/2013 at 10:19 PM

      Well, something that I’ve been thinking about since I wrote and posted this article, is what would we accept as the truth? If we used a set point in time, say past an uncontested event in time, maybe we could work backwards and forget the past to see what we can recover.

      IE: The death of JFK could be a milestone for when we start working backwards, and instead of having preconceptions of what the past was, we look for what it is.k

      But as for history repeating, we can say that it does, and the victors do write the story of what is going to happen, and what did happen. This bothers me because we should have historians without agendas.

      But what I really want to discover is a vast AI or supercomputer thats been tracking us and recording history without an agenda. That would be freaking amazing 😀

      • alanborky

        02/07/2013 at 3:53 PM

        “what I really want to discover is a vast AI or supercomputer thats been tracking us and recording history without an agenda.”

        Todd up until very recently they were telling us as a SCIENTIFIC FACT junk DNA was absolute junk but now they’re starting to realise some of its previously unsuspected functions.

        When you add to this the new realisation DNA can be used for storing massive amounts of data like the collected works of Shakespeare how long will it take them to realise the traces of alien visitors there’s speculation might be stored on places like the moon might in fact be deliberately stored in our DNA until we reach the stage where we can retrieve and understand it for ourselves.

        All of which’s to say there really IS a vast AI or supercomputer thats been tracking us and recording history without an agenda and it’s our DNA.

        • alanborky

          02/07/2013 at 4:04 PM

          S. I read all Gooch’s books from the late Seventies onwards and whilst his earliest scholarly tomes tended to be ignored or dismissed by the stablishment his more populist outpourings adressed to hoi polloi and rif raff such as myself did more than is generally credited for revising the image of the Neanderthals as creatures so subhuman and moronic even blue arsed masturbating baboons seemed like Oxford University professors in comparison.

          Possibly the most oustanding prediction he made about them in the Seventies was it’d be found they’d interbred with the Cromagnons who were viewed then as our sole direct ancestors.

          • S.

            02/08/2013 at 6:30 AM

            That’s pretty neat. He certainly sounds like an interesting person. I was thinking about the Pleiades and how he submitted their universal significance and origin story as evidence of a large Neanderthal culture. That’s one of the points that Lachman covers pretty well in his book. I guess I’ll have to go out and read one of his works myself; any suggestions which one would give the best taste of his writing or should I just get “Total Man?”

            Jeremy Narby’s “The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge” posits something very similar to the theory that DNA is actually guiding us throughout history. The theories of Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson, especially the Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness, would indicate that we all have a definite genetic memory base deep within our psyche as well. I’d really recommend Narby’s book which is also a useful study of shamanism and, if I may add my personal view, a very well written and convincing account. Then again, it helps that Alan Moore is so laudatory about it- that’s certainly why I rushed to read it.

  3. S.

    02/05/2013 at 7:38 PM

    Have you ever heard of Stan Gooch? I just read about him in Gary Lachman’s “A Secret History of Consciousness” this past weekend. Evidently he was a fellow who believed that there had been an extensive Neanderthal civilization before the Cro-Magnon men came along and replaced their culture.

    His belief was something along the lines that the Neanderthal culture was matriarchal, Moon-centric, and they were able to use what we would call “psychic” abilities. The Cro-Magnon culture was the opposite. It sounds a lot like some feminist theories about an earlier matriarchal age but Colin Wilson and Gary Lachman give him some credence. While I don’t particularly like either of those men they don’t seem like they would believe just any crackpot theory. I haven’t read his books, he was a trained psychologist, so I don’t know what his evidence for his claims would be.

    • Todd Misura

      02/05/2013 at 10:24 PM

      Well if you look at alternate religions, like Wicca and other pagan religions that are not based on the sun like Christianity, they do worship things towards a Luna bent. So, if these religions still existed, maybe perchance they are reliving genetic memory of these religions and carrying them on if they were Neanderthal decendents. I seriously can’t believe that all of our ancestors were wiped out when different races of humanity came barging in. Look at the native populations where white men settled, they exist (albeit in smaller groups because of hardship and murder) still. So if we can have that we can have a group of Neanderthal’s slipping off in the cover of night and surviving…

      Once again I have more reading to do 😀

  4. Guillaumé

    02/05/2013 at 8:44 PM

    I agree with you Todd that there have been many civilsations before us which have reached a far higher technology,
    I believe that this extends to greater wisdom of which this civilisation lacks.
    We are not evolving we are devolving.

    Todd, I promise I wont bore you but please may I send you the first article I wrote on an ancient artifact.

    • Todd Misura

      02/05/2013 at 10:27 PM

      Sure, my contact info should be in my profile page, and I’ll look it over.

      If not leave me a reply 🙂

  5. Mud

    02/05/2013 at 9:25 PM

    Questions I think anyone who has paid any attention to discoveries has to ask themselves. Just looking at the to us incredible unable to be duplicated to this day ancient stonework and the moving of forces us to accept that in the past our ancestors knew a thing or two. If the Indian epic poems for example have any basis in reality and I am sure they do, not only have we reached heights of understanding surpassing our abilities of today in the past but have also ventured into the air and space.

    I would not at all be surprised if there is evidence of this upon our moon. I have no proof of this but somehow I think we have been there before, perhaps every predeluviian civilisation has made that step. We have no way of knowing.

    Todays academic dogma expressed by so called experts states we have never before now reached any degree of technological advancement so therefore all these stone monuments must have been made by stoneage people with very determined attitudes, ropes, blunt rocks and a lot of free time who managed in ways never fully explained to perform these marvels of construction.

    That dogma has become increasingly undermined as new artefacts and discoveries are made which force change upon a science which acts more like a religion. Göbekli Tepe on its own calls into question everything we thought we knew about advanced ancient civilisations and the discovery of proto Egyptian hieroglyphs on rock walls in Australia makes them about as far out of place as you can get. Not to mention the many questions they both raise.

    Then there’s those who understanding the sheer ridiculousness of these explanations offer one that is equally unlikely and that is it was aliens who built all these unexplained artefacts and structures while we adoringly looked on. I am not one who supports the ancient alien theories which have aliens doing everything for us. No, that is to me an extension of the current academic dogma. It maybe possible that we encountered aliens in the past and we could have learned from them and they from us. It could also be that encounters with them led to the destruction of those past civilisations. There is some evidence that suggests it’s a possibility but it is thin. I don’t know but then nor does anyone else.

    Be it academic closed mindedness or ancient alien enthusiasm the result is the same as both are non provable theories based on opinions which assume either that we worked it out by sheer perseverance using basic tools and lets just forget about the actual details or that under no circumstances could we have made them on our own.

    As you point out we have come a long way in a short time and with that has come the knowledge of just how fragile civilisation is. Based on this and the evidence that litters the planet and quite possibly the solar system should we survive long enough to “freely” explore it the premise that it was us simple earth bound folks is the best fit.

    • Todd Misura

      02/05/2013 at 10:31 PM

      The academic system is designed to begrudgingly change over time unless we really need to rewrite history. There are events and discoveries that we are making right now that should be rewriting the history books, but I don’t see us doing that until its beating us in the face with a fucking baseball bat, and even then we’ll resist. 🙁

    • ChewyBees

      02/06/2013 at 9:51 PM

      Another question that begs is just what is an “advanced” civilization. If our current system of usury, debt enslavement, poisoning and destruction of the environment, and obese button pushing morons is the bar, then we haven’t come very far at all. Intellectually and spiritually, the human race is and has been in freefall, and I hope that trend is bottoming out. Otherwise, there really is no need for man to be here at all. In essence, we produce nothing but the means to our own demise and destruction.

      We were created to be creators and caretakers of this beautiful planet. What we collectively have become is a travesty, and a cancer to our own life support system.

      • evilsloth4

        02/10/2015 at 10:32 AM

        …spirituality demands destruction of all “created” material, matters that always existed from the Dark Nothing that the enlightened are conditioned to fear. I’ve been to church…

  6. Guillaumé

    02/06/2013 at 9:40 PM

    I wouldn’t know how to find your Bio.
    I did go to your web-site to no avail.
    Help an old fart out, will you.

    • Todd Misura

      02/06/2013 at 10:26 PM

      man4paradigm {at}

  7. ChewyBees

    02/06/2013 at 9:45 PM

    I always like to compare, as a microcosm, the demolition of the WTC towers. Everything was pulverized beyond recognition. All that was left was a bunch of dust and scrap iron. Left there, it would have decayed beyond recognition sooner or later.

    Now imagine an ice age. While slower, glaciers grind everything in their path to dirt and rocks. Any machinations that 10000 years from now (if not 100, unfortunately) any identifiable remains of this so-called advanced civilization will be laying around or dug up is folly.

    Let’s not discount all of the other apocalyptic possibilities out there, from the sky or from the core. Our current insane governments may just blow it all to hell themselves.

    • Todd Misura

      02/06/2013 at 10:39 PM

      When I say advanced I am literally referring to technologically advanced because the current understanding of humanity is that once the technology advances, the spiritual and mental awareness will follow. It’s almost as if technology is what fuels us to evolve and change now that we don’t have environmental situations to do so.

  8. AJ

    02/07/2013 at 8:14 AM

    The twisted metal turned out to be nothing more than the tungsten filament of an incandescent bulb, probably dropped by someone doing the excavation. This was debunked a long time ago.

  9. Jim Warner

    02/07/2013 at 8:46 AM

    I jump in late, but with great interest in this thread. Fortunately for us there are scholars who are looking beyond the lies of textbooks, and who do consider the out of place remains they see with their own eyes. It is a truism that we can only guess what these relics actually are about – I do not believe everything left over from prehistory is a religious artifact. That is the academic version of explaining the thunderstorm as wrath from the gods. But within the things you mention here (and the things you don’t) is a thread of observed items. These items are what they are. Shoe prints along with dino tracks, nails and bells embedded in coal, crystal skulls perfectly carved that can not be dated, and ridiculous assumptions made by confused “scientists” who were trained to NOT think outside the box. Who built the stone monuments in the water off Japan? Who built the stairways in the South Pacific that run down the island shore and reappear many miles away at another island shore? It is obvious to me that humanity, or other inhabitants of this planet, have achieved technological abilities. How? Why? When? We do not know. And that is an observable fact. In a few centuries much of our civilization will be under water. What will the survivors say about us when Antarctica melts?

  10. R Emmet Lee

    02/07/2013 at 2:05 PM

    I’ve often considered the possibility that the only thing one really needs to know about is Baalbek. There are many other fascinating sites and artifacts and bits of evidence, but what happened at Baalbek transcends even modern technology. Any and all effort to explain the immense construction challenges as within the capacity of primitive human beings is a total exercise in banal deception – either of the self or of the masses… Probably of both.

    Whatever we once were is lost. And who or whatever has come down to visit isn’t handing out information, but we might expect that your conjecture about an impartial AI or supercomputer (or implied “other” observers) has some validity and merit. We have been and continue to be watched, and that means one or more external actors have the power to demonstrate to the population at large that our academics and leaders are full of sh*t. Perhaps this will transpire one day very soon.

    At any rate, a fine article. Thanks for enlightening us.

  11. Kenneth VonClaussen

    02/18/2013 at 10:10 PM

    Two years ago I held in my hand a clay, wedge shaped tablet, covered in cuneaform script unearthed from a confield in wisconsin, it was one of three, everything that we have been taught, is a lie.

  12. shawn

    02/21/2013 at 6:14 AM

    HaHa what Happens if you Plug In That rock ?? I Bet It Lights up … An Unearthly Hum. Great Article!

  13. JillV

    03/05/2013 at 2:13 PM

    What about the antikythera mechanism or the spark plug things found in rocks?
    or the evidence in the desert that there might have been a previous nuclear war(s). This is a great article but there’s so much more. and the book suggestions in the comments are helpful.

  14. alice

    03/22/2013 at 9:14 AM

    we have been lied to in the ‘educational system’ for years, also by our ‘government’, and apostate churches. want to open your eyes? Read ‘Dead Men’s Secrets by Jonathan Gray. look up his site An archeologist for many many years. the Smithsonian and like one’s… have been throwing bones of giants found in the U.S into the ocean. Some ancient discoveries discovered also in Grand Canyon and than closed off. It disputes our ‘history books’ and the many nations that came over long before Columbus. ( no evidence left that way) jewelry found in coal?oops, civilization before coal? and much more, like modern technology… the system, NWO wants us to believe we came from the monkey. lies, lies. I am tired of them…no wonder I hated school, I sensed we were not being the truth about much…of course Jon is hated, why? because jobs and big money are on the line for sticking to the big lies.Museums don’t want to tell the truth either? and who wants to admit they were wrong? When they are fools for teaching us and our kids lies. Truth does not matter for most… sad…

  15. evilsloth4

    02/10/2015 at 10:55 AM

    Why assume humanity destroys itself with the rest of nature, unnatural as that is, when religious spiritualities are always dividing material as disposable host matter, only good for death like a poor chicken at a rock concer, their bloody hands waving over their heads like a choir during Sunday service…

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