Unseen Beast Brutally Killing Dogs in Missouri Town

Unseen Beast Brutally Killing Dogs in Missouri Town

Mysterious animal viciously attacking dogs in MissouriSince Thanksgiving, residents of Neosho, Missouri have been living in fear of a mysterious beast stalking their forest and viciously attacking their pets. The attacks have so far claimed the lives of two dogs, and the community has banded together to hire professional trackers over fears that the next set of incidents may happen to them.

Reta Liles is the owner of two dogs that have been attacked, one more fortunate than the other. Her golden lab, Buddy, was found dead, while her dog Punk’n survived with a set of ferocious battle wounds.

“Two slashes across her back, and in some places, it’s two inches deep,” Reta told the KSN Local News. “It was bad. She was laid open from side to side.”

So far, at least 8 canine companions from the Mint Lane neighborhood have been the victims of the unexplained attacks, and it hasn’t just been the smaller breeds with the nasty run ins. Larger, more powerful dogs like pit bulls and mastiffs have been found wounded as well, prompting concern that whatever is behind the attacks is big, mean, and very scary.


“This thing needs to be relocated or eradicated or something. I don’t want to see any of my kids or my neighbors get tore up,” Reta said.

Leanna Williams, Reta Liles neighbor and the president of the Faithful Friends Animal Advocates, went so far as to write a piece for the Neosha Daily News about the creature.

My neighbor (and friend) had called me to say her Puggle, Punk’n, had been seriously injured with deep lacerations, across her back that started at her rib cage on one side and went all the way to her belly on the other side, as if something had tried to open her up like a can opener. […]

This animal seems to attack for “sport.” It does not drag off or eat whatever it attacks but just leaves it to die. We are concerned about letting our dogs (or family members) spend time outdoors, especially at night, although these attacks have been at all times of day. When our family and grandchildren were here for the holidays, all were uneasy about going out and for good reason. Some neighbors have small children (smaller than these dogs), and are concerned about allowing their children outside to play until we know this thing is gone.

An up-close shot of the deep slashes on Punk'n's back

An up-close shot of the deep slashes on Punk’n’s back

So far, whatever creature is to blame has not yet been seen, and the local game commission has stated that they won’t step in until visual evidence of the beast is presented to them, believing that the animal in question could be a coyote. Residents, however, don’t agree.

“Thought it was a mountain lion because of the depth of the tracks and so forth,” Liles said.

The community had banded together to install a few game cameras in hopes of capturing photographic evidence of the beast once and for all.

Has the Chupacabra migrated to snow-covered Missouri? Can a coyote really take down a pit bull in a battle to the death? Or has a bob cat recently gotten a taste for dogs? Let us know what you think on twitter @WhoForted, join the coversation on our official Facebook page, or chime in down in the comments section!


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  1. Brian Parsons

    01/17/2013 at 2:39 PM

    More than likely a cougar/mountain lion. I doubt the cougar is hunting these animals more than meeting up with these animals in its search for food. The injury aspect comes from merely trying to survive and avoide them.

    • Jon

      01/17/2013 at 8:32 PM

      My thoughts exactly!

  2. Henry Paterson

    01/17/2013 at 8:26 PM

    A cougar has four non-retractable claws, if it raked across the body of another creature it should leave mutiple jagged cuts, not just one as shown in the picture above. And it would leave the area if it were regularly accosted by dogs.

    All the attacks seem to be dogs, and all in one area. I am guessing a person will be found to be the culprit. A very disturbed person, with a knife or other cutting implement. They could quite possibly gain the trust of a family pet, perhaps an animal that knows them already and abuse that to attack them.

    Many serial killers begin their pursuits on animals.

    • Jon

      01/17/2013 at 8:33 PM

      A very disturbing possibility.

    • Brian Parsons

      01/20/2013 at 2:15 PM

      Cougars do have non-retractable claws, but they are also skilled in using them. In a defensive swat they will only strike with one or two claws. If the intent was killing the dog the cougar would have broken its neck or bit around the neck. Coyotes would have mangled the dog from numerous bites. The current argument is a bear, but a bear would also leave multiple tears in the skin. Either way the wildlife officials know what this is and their silence sounds a lot like a cougar to me.

      • Theresa

        04/08/2013 at 8:54 AM

        There have been several horses attacked in my area. Including one of my own. I am interested in seeing what they decided was attacking the animals. I know someone who did get a pic of a cougar/mountain lion on a deer cam in Mac county during season. I haven’t been able to find any updates on this story though…

  3. Gene

    01/18/2013 at 5:13 AM

    I have to go with a human too. Big cats sometimes break the necks of their prey either by their powerfull front paws and legs or by biting and crushing the neck. This may be the work of a very disturbed and dangerous person. Your animals are your property and extended family. Defend them as such.

  4. bob dobbs

    01/18/2013 at 5:54 AM

    Cougars (like all felids) DO have retractable claws. And as anyone who has ever been scratched by a housecat can tell you, they don’t necessarily leave “mutiple jagged cuts”.

    • Joe

      01/18/2013 at 9:38 PM

      Well we don’t have any snow in SW Missouri, it was 57 degrees today.

      That is not a Couger or Mtn. Lion, although we do have them ranging from Christian County to the Mark Twain National Forest they are rare, nocturnal and shy away from humans and pets.

      Lots of deer in Missouri, that is cougar food.

      The mark on the dog looks like a sharp hook type blade caused by a human.

  5. Terri

    01/18/2013 at 11:09 AM

    I would have to agree with some of the others, that does not look like any type of animal causing those wounds. Looks like a person with a knife did that. I would be watching the neighbors if it was me. Someone is very disturbed.

  6. Stone

    01/18/2013 at 11:48 AM

    I vote some kind of bird. I know some eagles have been known to go after prey much larger than themselves, such as sheep/goats.

  7. logicalconclusion

    01/18/2013 at 12:21 PM

    Liles said, “…because of the depth of the tracks…” indicating the tracks resembled a mountain lion. A mountain lion could have appeared on the scene to check out the noise or scent after things had settled down. Did any owner hear their dogs barking and being attacked? Cattle, horse, and goat mutilations out west and no noise is ever heard. No tracks. First livestock in isolated terrain, then family pets within sight and hearing distance of houses. Next? Let your congressmen and senators know you will NOT live unarmed.

  8. Zeb

    01/18/2013 at 1:13 PM

    Most likely a very large feral hog.
    one bite one shake damage done.
    dogs with a herding instinct will get to close.

  9. Jimmy

    01/18/2013 at 2:00 PM

    Cougar would be my first guess, they are known to be present in Missouri, one was captured on a game camera in a highly populated area of Saint Louis county (Chesterfield, MO). The cats shot or captured thus far have all been traced back to South Dakota.

    They are only showing one injury from one attack. A feral hog…? Possibly, but there would most likely be many indications, rooting, foraging, etc. etc… if they were in the area.

  10. peegee

    01/18/2013 at 2:32 PM

    it’s a sick human who is doing this. why look for a paranormal reason or out of place animal when the most likely answer is probably a human?

    • Greg Newkirk

      01/18/2013 at 2:36 PM

      It’s the same thing that makes you so certain that the wounds are caused by a human when plenty other folks think it was a cougar. Some people just believe differently.

      • Joe

        01/18/2013 at 9:48 PM

        Ever see a Cougar or any big cat take down an animal in the middle of the back? – never gonna happen way too dangerous for a big cat, could easily get hurt. That mark on the dog is not animal made. You would have multiple marks, maybe some puncture bites. Why no marks on the rear of these dogs when they ran away, if it was a cougar and a dog ran, the cougar would run after the dog, trip up the hind legs and then grip into the back end, bring it down and then go for the throat. That marks is something totally different.

        • Brian Parsons

          01/20/2013 at 2:37 PM

          Not true about cougars. Cougars will use their claws to defend themselves from attack or approach from other animals, such as dogs. If it is defending itself it will turn and run at its earliest convenience and will not chase an animal as is its hunting instinct. If a cougar was hunting a dog (not likely since even a juvenile cougar can take down an adult deer) there would be no way most dogs would escape. Through my research on cougars I have never heard of a cougar that hunts dogs for food, but they do typically attack dogs that get in their way and will leave one or two tear marks from their longest claws (intent is not to kill).

        • skippy

          05/14/2015 at 9:43 AM

          That would be so if it was not a defensive attact

    • Brian Parsons

      01/20/2013 at 2:28 PM

      Cougars and feral hogs are not out of place nor are they paranormal. Cougars are known to exist in the state (although wildlife officials fight this for a few reasons) as are hogs and black bears. The odds that a person attacking these animals is far stranger than a bear, mountain lion, hog, or even a coyote attacking them. Dogs routinely fall prey to predatory, pack animals, or are injured by non-threatening species due their curious and bold (lack of understanding from no previous experience) attitudes toward animals. I do agree that many stories jump to a conclusion that far exceeds the possibility. Many people jump at gut instinct at what they hope an outcome is. I agree we all have varying view points, but I follow the path of Occam’s Razor; stick to the theory that makes the most sense until further evidence forces a different explanation.

  11. Anthony

    01/18/2013 at 2:47 PM

    Its a big foot

  12. Rpmeo Glascock

    01/18/2013 at 2:51 PM

    I vote for a hog or a pack of coyotes. I have seen coyotes locally–they recently returned after 100 years being absent from my area–which are almost as big as a wolf, and very powerful, not like the mangy, cowardly curs I am used to seeing in other areas. A mountain lion would have made a more credible attempt to eat at least some of the dogs attacked; they eat livestock as big as llamas where I live.

  13. g

    01/18/2013 at 5:51 PM

    Human caused that….

    • brenda

      01/22/2013 at 4:33 PM

      Humans are the ONLY ANIMALS that kill for the pure pleasure of it ALL others kill to eat!!!! Thats Disturbing!!!!!

      • PatBostwick

        02/22/2013 at 12:31 PM

        To Breanda: You are wrong. Dogs also kill for the pure pleasure of killing. A dog (or dogs) will come upon a flock of chickens or herd of animals (such as sheep or goats) and chase down and rip apart everyone they possible can purely for sport. This is because dogs are NOT natural creatures (they were created by man from wolves) and therefore, have no place in the natural order of things. Dogs are the only animals on earth, other than humans, that kill purely for sport. People who have witnessed the mass destruction of livestock by dogs say the dogs seem to get “high” when they rip apart other animals. It excites them to hear the animals shriek in pain as they are torn limb-from-limb. If there is a “beast” out there killing dogs, the dogs are getting what they deserve!

        • Andy

          10/27/2013 at 4:21 PM

          Whales. Idiot. Whales and dolphins kill for sport as well.

          • Andy

            10/27/2013 at 4:25 PM

            Some primates to.

      • Andy

        10/27/2013 at 4:27 PM

        Primates and whales brenda. Primates and whales.

        • Blake

          02/11/2014 at 4:12 PM

          My cat kills for sport.

  14. bob

    01/18/2013 at 6:06 PM

    ive seen what a Bagger can do to a dog, and its not pretty, maybe some one in the area had one for a pet, and got away. my brother told me back 1970 in Howell co. he seen a belive it or not a ant eater, he descride it to a T. we went back to where he saw it the next day, he was to scared to go back that day, and the ground thier was torn up, looked like it dug in so dozer deck, ask around later but nobody ever seen any thing. have seen 3 cougars in howell county mo. back in the 70’s deer hunting. wierd story no dout, cant wait to see what it is.

  15. Insomniac

    01/18/2013 at 11:19 PM

    I agree it is probably some human since it is able to get to all of these dogs who are trusting of humans and has never been seen or heard.

    I live in SW Missouri. One night I heard something out in the woods when I went outside that made the hair stand up on my head. I have never heard anything like that before. It was loud and at first sounded like a little boy screaming and then the scream sounded like a goat. I listened to all kinds of YT videos of different animals like cougars, foxes, panthers, even Bigfoot, all to no avail. Nothing sounded like that sound. I just named it “Goatboy”.

    We have all kinds of strange things happen in these parts though. Mostly it’s from the ETs.

  16. wow

    01/18/2013 at 11:46 PM

    You’d have to be a complete idiot to not realize a human being is running around with a sharp weapon doing. I pray the police catch this worthless mound of flesh lock em up for life.

    • Greg Newkirk

      01/18/2013 at 11:52 PM

      It’s worth noting, again, that the game commission has come out and explicitly stated that they believe the attacks are related to coyotes. Clearly, whatever this is, is not coyotes.

  17. Txpine

    01/19/2013 at 10:50 AM

    It sounds more like a bear to me, probably a black bear that are normally shy from humans and dogs. If harrassed by dogs it would fight back.

  18. Insomniac

    01/19/2013 at 5:49 PM

    When a coyote goes for something out here, it is usually the neck and they drag it off and eat it. If the animal gets away, there will be punctures from the canine teeth that get all infected and full of pus if it isn’t treated. I have seen animals attacked by coyotes since I used to work in animal medicine and one long slice like that dog in the picture is not what I have seen. Most people around here will tell you that if a small dog gets attacked, there is normally no sign left of them. They get snatched and that’s the last of them. Same with cats. I don’t let my little dog out around here without me and a leash, or in a little enclosed area until she does her business. She doesn’t know what is out there that could hurt her and would ran off exploring since she’s always been inside. The way things are in MO, I would believe it was a Chupacabra over a coyote, lol. I just feel like it is some sick human dog attacker. Remember that weird guy in Florida that kept killing cats? We do have weirdos in Missouri too.

    Good site here. I’m glad Coast to Coast pointed it out on their site. I’ve been enjoying the stories!

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  20. craig

    01/22/2013 at 3:57 AM

    A human is posible but if the dog is alive carry him or walk him around. The dog will tell you which human did the job. If it was an animal again the dog will be skidish around his tracts or the animal himself. If the dog is dead your at square 1, Good luck.

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  22. melinda Oberman

    01/27/2013 at 10:12 AM

    Eight years ago my Golden Retriever Bonnie and her brother Rusty were attacked by whatever is out there killing dogs. Bonnie has identical injuries to the little Puggle featured in the picture. Whatever it is, it has been in business for some time.

  23. PatBostwick

    02/22/2013 at 12:26 PM

    I live in Florida close to a place that has a bigfoot-type beast called the “Bardin Booger.” Over the years, this creature has been accused of killing dogs. If there are Bigfoots (or is it Bigfeet?) around, it’s understandable why they would kill dogs. Dogs will chase down and rip apart weaker (or slower) animals purely for sport — predators in the wild, including the wolves from which dogs are descended, kill only for food or out of fear — but because dogs are unnatural, manmade creatures, they possess unnatural and destructive habits and it’s understandable why any “beasts” out there would kill every dog that confronts it as a means of self-preservation.

  24. george

    02/24/2013 at 10:52 AM

    open your eyes people. there are people out there that really have hatred in their hearts. People who kill or mame for the sake of “pleasure” this kind of evil exists all over the world. They will use this article to say its a wolf and thats why we need to kill more wolves. the wolf is an endangered species, yet protection has been taken off them and its been open season ever since. Now people shoot them from the ground, shoot them from the air, trap them in leg traps, snares, poisons them, kill their babies with dog packs. Occasionally even the dogs get trapped but the “hunters” dont care about that becuase they are evil and LOVE pain and suffering. Look at this “festival they have in Mexico where they purposely torture animals! http://www.piaberrend.org/farra-do-boi-brazil-s-bizarre-festival-of-torture/
    Believe me, this is NOT “Management” its not “Sport” – this is pure evil which has been legalized! Pain and Suffering for some “human’s pleasure” these “humans” need to be put on the front lines they love to kill so much.. why not use them instead of good men and women that give up their lives? We are loosing sons and daughters to war that could have been a productive addition to society, yet we legally let these other people, who thrive on pain and suffering, we let them live, legally.

  25. Jeff

    06/11/2013 at 7:11 PM

    My bet is its a black bear. The big cat has no reason to go against dogs and will avoid them if possible.
    A bear will also avoid them, but if food is there it will get the food.
    I have friends that know of an incident that something attacked a Pit and two wrought Weilers with no problem.
    A cat wouldn’t take that kind of a chance, neither would a bear. But when a bear knows food is there, it would do what is needed to get the food. Bears like dog food also!

  26. Andy

    10/27/2013 at 4:22 PM

    Whales idiot. Whales and dolphins kill for sport. So do some primates. Look into it.

  27. Tar

    11/07/2014 at 1:06 AM

    Hog. Two parallel lines on some and singular on others. Sounds like russian boar tusks. Either a straight charge by the boar (parallel line injury), or a tilted head (singular line injury) When a feral charges a dog, and hits them, the dogs roll under the force. The wounds are side to side as if the dogs “rolled”. I believe two dogs were missing also. They could have died from injuries sustained and scavenged.

  28. Tar

    11/07/2014 at 1:14 AM

    Another note, hogs usually leave an area after getting pestered, and dogs love to pester hogs. But if a big boar is mating females, they will stay in an area close to the nearby females until breeding is finished regardless of intruding canines.

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