Ask a Wizard: The Nine Rules of Wizarding

Ask a Wizard: The Nine Rules of Wizarding

Editor’s Note: This article is written by a real wizard with the intent of offering up a few insights into the mind of a ritual magician. In essence, these are the “9 Rules of Wizarding” for those aspiring to traverse in the arcane arts. Even if you’re not of the magical mind, have a differing set of beliefs, or are a raging skeptic, the following piece remains an interesting glimpse into an often misunderstood and oft unseen mindset.

Spiritual warfare is not a laughing matter, and it is far more serious than many will ever accept. To the skeptical mind, we are dwellers in a purely material existence without underpinning mysteries of a metaphysical nature. To enter upon such a discourse with a non-believer is hardly going to benefit the believer, and it is important to remember that there is no convincing someone who cannot hear what you are saying or see what is around them. Either reality has a metaphysical component or it does not; for one argument to be true, the adherents of the other side must be delusional. In the interests of the occultist, what a materialist chooses to do or think is of little value. To the true wizard or sorceress (not the D&D kind, mind you) the purpose of the Power and the Burden is to defend what he or she holds to be good and to strike at what she or he holds to be evil.

The first doctrine is therefore this: There is no purpose in debating the madding crowd. Convincing a blind man that the sea is blue serves neither you nor the blind man – blue is not a part of a world in which darkness is the only light. And we should never forget that it is not the sea which is blue, but rather the sky reflected in the sea. Such is the nature of the Universe. A conceptual understanding is not the same as direct experience. The awareness that the true occultist possesses of the metaphysical realms is her or his alone. We do not practice the occult to draw attention to ourselves. Occult itself means “to conceal”.


The second doctrine is the power of 9. We often consider 3 to be a power number; triune representations and forms have immense power because they impact the preconscious and unconscious mind more significantly. As a bifurcated entity, the third part of any trinity will mark our memories more deeply. But the power of 3 lies in the fact that it gives rise to 9, or 3 sets of 3. This is not simply mathematics, since it clearly represents the intrusion of an alien consciousness upon our own experiences. It is not rational for a bifurcated creature to revere 3 in this way. This comes from the Otherworld of the ancient sciences. What our ancestors revered as the spiritual province of higher beings may well be merely a mythic interpretation of travelers from beyond and their exotic home worlds. But it is equally likely that there are things energetic and transcendent which exist alongside us and interact, interface and interfere with our development. We are as bound to the will of the Others as our own fingers are bound to the directives of our minds. This is the power of 9 – a thing may enter our world and become a tool of those who dwell without. Be alert for these things. And too, the 9 should always be a sigil and a standard to the wizard, since the 9th occurrence of a thing is the purest or the least pure, but never anything in-between.

The third doctrine is the shielding of the self. Outer forces are of great potential, and it is always tempting to call upon Others and to seek after forbidden or forgotten powers. It is also almost always a bad idea to take this path. The higher order will inevitably require more effort and more faith, and it will never hand power to someone with ill intent. But as it is written – “When a man walks in integrity and justice, happy are his children after him” (Proverbs 20:7) – we should seek the understanding that does not bind us to the tradition of Biblical misappropriation. This means not that God directly rewards those who a Church or other organization trumpets as righteous. Instead, in the Esoteric Tradition (Orders of the Quest), it is understood that a good person will tend to be obvious, since the Universe will tend to uphold them. They may not be rich or famous or powerful, but they will tend to be protected and rewarded with all that they need if they live in the spirit of openness, giving and justice. To the respectful person, much respect is given.

The fourth doctrine is the doing of necessities and the leaving alone of every other thing. The Power and the Burden is not a toy.

The fifth doctrine is that inhabitation is actually very common. The current age is materialistic as a mechanism of collective psychological defense, because well-lit and highly distracting environments help us to ignore the things of the Otherworld that are always with us, watching and waiting, manuvering and manipulating. It is not at all rare for spirits to dwell in silent and darkened places; they will react when distrubed by intruders. And it is even less rare for individuals to be inhabited by Others, including the newly dead, the long dead, and the non-human discarnate intelligences. Be wary and be watchful.

The sixth doctrine is that Good and Evil operate as inverse propositions. Therefore, if one proposes the elimination of an opponent or rival, the other proposes the transformation of the opponent or rival into a friend and ally. The opposite of kill is not, “not kill”. It is rather, “love”. This is the meaning of a commonly known quotation by a spiritual teacher of no small fame.

The seventh doctrine is that the esoteric tradition is correct and that all specific faiths are limited. The esoteric tradition embraces other faiths; these fit within the flexible and accepting framework of a wider reality. What one person believes, another may disagree with, but this does not mean that either is operating in the context of being correct or of possessing Truth. Truth does not concern itself with the human will or intellect at all. We understand nothing, and this is not a small assertion. The Truth, such as we may know it, is that we cannot know the Truth. Our senses are too limited, our minds too small, and our hearts too selfish to even begin to know the why and how of things. It is from this center that the wizard works, knowing that he cannot know.

The eighth doctrine is that the distance between wizard and philosopher is undetectable, save that the philosopher lacks the courage to identify herself or himself as an occult magic user.

The ninth doctrine is that knowledge is useless in the absence of application. We do not practice the occult tradition in order to feel cool, or to wear lots of velvet, or to hang out with other people who say similar things but can actually influence nothing in the outer world. We do not pursue the occult secrets in order to grow closer to Satan or to acquire a Dark Lord. In point of fact, only the Light Path is open to the initiate. It is a long tradition among the Dark Workers that they accept only those whom they themselves have chosen. He or she who claims to seek the path of darkness walks alone and is unlikely to ever find aid. We must be forever awake to the voice of the One in all things, for the One is not a human being. If we hear voices, we should consider seeking counseling or psychiatric interventions. But if the events of today and tomorrow are strangely linked, then have we heard the voice of the One. Be awake, but do not be absurd. What has meaning is clear enough, and what has no relationship to you cannot be made to have a relationship to you no matter what.

These then are the Nine Doctrines, known amongst the practitioners of the Orders of the Quest for centuries. For the servants of Athena, these are the very factors depicted in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Odysseus long ago capitalized upon this wisdom to survive great trials, such that a mortal overcame the very lethal will of the Gods: Certain forces are always present, and certain responses are always wise. Consider well what you would gain and what you are willing to lose, for these are not the signposts of a path to power – They are the path itself.


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Vicar Lee
A Real Wizard. When the High Tide comes in, the creatures of the deep will come with it. Flee, if you know how to survive.

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[…] The 9 rules of being a wizard –written by a real […]


[…] The 9 rules of being a wizard –written by a real […]

Is there by any chance a possibility for us to more specifically interact/participate? From what you have shared thus far I assume you require some kind of confirmation for further interaction/participation. I have no special stance in the current and collectively accepted and allowed system, no merit of success by conventional measures. I am a humble personal-assistent working for an autistic woman. I am 23 years old and I live by principle instead of personality, the principle being that which is best for all – as oneness and equality in; thought, word and deed in everymoment of breath, the process… Read more »
R Emmet Lee

I’m impressed by your understanding of the essential spiritual struggle between ego and mortal flesh. I suspect there’s been a fair amount of reading on your part in the Hindu and Buddhist root texts… do I detect a touch of “The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa”? As to your request for further interaction, I can be reached via [email protected] and look forward to hearing from you.

who asked? the wise man hath no fixed principle. you seem to seek only your own vanity, Hornstrumpet.

R Emmet Lee

Well said. Of course, the piece was written in response to actual questions from actual readers and students of the occult. But the Hornstrumpet reference – priceless and delightful. Thanks for reading the piece, and sharing your criticism.

I find it interesting that on my own esoteric path I have come to know these doctrines exactly as you expressed them. This shows me that those of us who work with energy and who seek wisdom, and who do so without prejudice and with a pure will, seem to end up with the same code of practise as to “the laws” of magick.

Thank you for offering these doctrines publicly, and letting us all realise our unity and universality in what seem like personal quests.

Gwas Myrddyn – Hedge Druid.

R Emmet Lee

Indeed – Isn’t it odd how the Way inevitably draws many seekers toward the Truth, but all the skeptics, nay-sayers and religious exclusionists insist that the Way is either a nonsense fantasy or a deep apostasy?

Thank you for helping to demonstrate that there is One Center and One Truth.

If you happen across any of the Others in your work, commend me to them, as I will do the same for you.

The only true crusade I see as worthy for anything or anybody Is protecting our life source and all in her family The dark forces damaging her out of fear and greed Leaving the rest to die slowly in the pollution and slavery As I try to bring the light of reason to their deceptions I find myself often fighting off evil infections Oh great wizards please offer me and others some protection And ways to escape the wrong doers detection For in a world where a wrong may be right I know in my head heart and soul I… Read more »
I’ve felt, for some time now, that there is something special about the number nine. A few things I found captivating and even mesmerizing about the number nine are, first, there are eight planets in our solar system—Earth being the third planet away from the sun, and obviously the root of nine—and nine astronomical bodies including the sun. Second, if you line up the numbers one through eight, in two columns parallel, vertically or horizontally, yet inverse to one another, nine is implicit in each row of the dual columns: 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81; Likewise, if… Read more »

11+1+2013=9 🙂

I’m truly sorry for the spam of comments, but I forgot that the ninth letter of the alphabet is ‘I’.

R Emmet Lee
Pure math and true math are not generally a part of legitimate Occultism, since we are far more focused on the interface between the human experience of a phenomenon and the phenomenological nexus of forces involved. A lot of folks who succeed in the Occult (as in, are able to sell their services to those able to retain them) often confess to being quite poor at mathematics while in school. A convention of wizards will often sound not dissimilar to a convention of lawyers, in that particular regard. And sometimes, the convention of lawyers you think you are at is… Read more »
R Emmet Lee
I also forgot to mention that the array suggested consists in 4 ordered pairs, so the keen-eyed among you may have noticed that there would be eight total rays – at least in theory. The longest line that crosses the nexus from upper left to lower right is considered an axis, however, because it is the first point-to-point connection and because it moves from the left hand to the right. Esoteric knowledge is arcane, and always filled with this sort of weirdness. The Vicar would apologize, but he is the conduit merely, and not the author. As to the 9th… Read more »
This is way out of my league, but I wrote a piece on another site about the TRUTH that I wish to share: Truth is what we want it to be. There is absolute truth, based in fact. There is perceived truth based on faith. The truth based on fact is still what we perceive. The truth based on faith is not what others believe. If I tell you the truth, is it really the truth and the whole truth? If I swear on a Bible, does this make it the truth? If I read it in a book, does… Read more »
R Emmet Lee
Your insights are really close to some of the things taught in the Venetian school that flourished in the Renaissance. The ideas were of course stolen from the Byzantines and their contacts in the Islamic world. Good esoteric philosophy is often a touch Sufi. As it is said, “Truth is absolutely relative. This is the relative nature of absolute truth.” I think you hit the nail on the head with the observation that there are always those ready to decry a report of an event that they did not actually witness. It’s almost as though some people are absolutely determined… Read more »

Nice fiction book you have there. Might become a best seller if you write more pages. As for it’s validity, it’s not valid. References to forces and beings are all unevidenced, unsubstantiated and unsupported. All your little article did was prey on those more prone to believe in fantasy over reality.

R Emmet Lee
Thank you for reading my piece. My apologies if it was not satisfactory to you. In commenting, it seems you may have dropped your gauntlet. That you not be without it, please permit me to hand it back to you. The forces and beings in question are proven daily to those who are alert to such things. As to “proof” of the sort you seem to desire, it is worthy of note that neither of us can see an electron in the absence of proper equipment. We also cannot see gravity, yet we are both subject to its effects. The… Read more »
I really enjoy such articles. They are always full of crap! I’ll just take tha last passage…:D Occult is not a religion or a “tradition” it is science. “He or she who claims to seek the path of darkness walks alone and is unlikely to ever find aid.” This is the lie of your life. The bad and the good or the dark and the light are something that lives in us. People can’t be either bad or good. They are ALWAYS both! People are grey. So…every magician can choose to be “more black and just a little white” or… Read more »
R Emmet Lee

Interesting ideas. Thanks for reading the article and for your criticism.

We are always seeking to improve our products to meet customer satisfaction. 🙂

I think this article makes a lot of sense. But you will always get those that want anyone that talks about the occult to sound like nutters or they get upset. Keep it up mate very interesting stuff!

I disagree with your assertion that ” it is understood that a good person will tend to be obvious, since the Universe will tend to uphold them…… They will tend to be protected and rewarded with all that they need if they live in the spirit of openness, giving and justice.”. That kind of thinking encourages some to justify their bias that people who are afflicted with unfortunate circumstances somehow deserve their lot in life. It also gives rise to a well known psychological phenomenon whereby people think “what is beautiful is good effect.”. Often, we can try to distance… Read more »
R Emmet Lee
You make excellent points and your compassion is clear and palpable. The debate at hand turns upon the phrase with which you took issue, and more importantly, its context: “This means not that God directly rewards those who a Church or other organization trumpets as righteous. Instead, in the Esoteric Tradition (Orders of the Quest), it is understood that a good person will tend to be obvious, since the Universe will tend to uphold them. They may not be rich or famous or powerful, but they will tend to be protected and rewarded with all that they need if they… Read more »
As I just mentioned somewhere else, I’m falling in love with the whole blog and the different pieces by all the contributors. But, I really love this piece. Much of this post are things I already knew but was never able to put into words. They have been beautifully detailed in a way I never could. After 35 years of studying the occult and esoteric sciences/arts [I’m 45 at this time] I’ve learned there are two kinds of magically inclined folks: those that are and those that wish to be. It has been my experience that those who truly are… Read more »
R Emmet Lee

Nothing else can be said but thank you… particularly for the hugs. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece.

I enjoy or suffer the Power which I believe to be the Vak Sihdi but I do not understand what is meant by the Burden unless it is the “effects and responsibilities” even knowing that magic is not causal. Makers are born not made and no amount of dedication to arcane tomes will produce a Maker or magician. I find it is best not to excercise that which I am but to take note of the connections and subtle thoughts which tell of experiences to come and windows to other interpretation. Your Word must be aligned with the One should… Read more »

[…] This one was quite different. As I read it I thought to myself – “This matches my own magickal rules almost exactly!” I was stunned. The rules that Kal and I have often discussed have been built not from inauthentic knowledge, but from personal experience. […]