Strange Round Lights Photographed In The Gila Bend, Arizona Night Sky

Strange Round Lights Photographed In The Gila Bend, Arizona Night Sky

On November 15th an anonymous photographer captured five images of what looks like three UFO objects suspended in the sky near Glia Bend in Arizona.  The supposed UFO’s were photographed in an arrowhead formation and are distinctly orange in color, sporting a round, orb-like-shape.

The unnamed photographer who originally posed the images on the site, stated in his post that he had been snapping images of the night sky at Gila Bend when the noticed the strange objects floating over the hills in the distance. He managed to capture five images of the strange floating orbs with long exposure, resulting a series of bizarre images that look to be of round orange objects above the mountain ridge.

“My estimation is that the objects were about 20 miles away from my position. They were moving erratically. I was having a hard time capturing them because they were only visible when they lighted up with multiple lights for four to five second at a time. When the light went out, I couldn’t see them clearly,” he wrote.

Shortly afterwards the photographer explained that the orange orb-like-objects in the night sky vanished leaving nothing behind in their wake.


In the last five years Gila Bend, Arizona has had close to 12 supposed UFO sightings alone, and has recently become a hot-bed of activity. Most of the purported UFO encounters are in a similar nature to the most recent sighting. The UFO’s are mainly described as round, red or orange in nature and floating above the ridge.

The small town it seems has embraced their other worldly visitors and few UFO themed stores have popped up with hopes of drawing in excited tourists hoping to catch a peek at the apparent activity. The local sightings seem to be putting Gila Bend on the map as far as UFO enthusiasts are concerned, and with the rash of recent sightings it doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down.



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