Ghosts: Do They Exist?

Ghosts: Do They Exist?


For the longest time, humans have wondered that very thing since the dawn of time. No one as of yet has been able to prove that ghosts or spirits, if you will, exist definitively to this very day. Technology has not yet gotten to the point of proving if they are real or not.

It has been hypothesized in main stream science that it is theoretically possible to communicate with other dimensions that exist out there in the String Theory concept. Basically String Theory states that there are at least 7 other dimensions out and multiple universes with their own time and space out there that are unseen and undetectable to science at this present time. Within this, it has been hypothesized that when a person dies, they travel to the next dimension or universe of existence and so on and so forth. Another theory, The Big Bang Theory states that universe expands and contracts at a constant rate. Now if we combine these two theories, isn’t it possible that what we call ghosts really aren’t ghost or spirits.

spookyNow I can hear the collective groans and sighs out there on what I just said but please hear me out. Let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute, If there are other universes that have their own separate time and space, that expand and contract on their own apart from our universe, isn’t it conceivable that at some point they would intersect with our universe/dimension and produce a phenomenon that we would view as being a ghost or spirit?


When a person or investigator sees a “ghost”, they see them as they were, not as they are. Who is to say the ghost or spirit in question doesn’t see us the same way, as a shadowy figure. We might be ghostlike to them as well, hence the randomness of evidence collected over the years in certain haunted places. Time is NOT linear forward exclusively, it goes both forward and backward. If our universe is expanding, another might be contracting in a different time period separate to our universe/dimension and at the point where universes/dimensions intersect might be the cause of an anomaly wherein a location might be considered to be “haunted” and a person experiences the phenomenon at that point in time. Who’s to say what we see are dead people because mainstream science doesn’t have a better classification for the encounters we have. Couldn’t each encounter be the result of two independent and completely separate timelines converging at the same spot at the same time? That might account for the lack of the ability to communicate at each different encounter between the two parties at that point in time.

multiverseThe lack of credible evidence would seem to lend credence to that theory due to the fact of it being “hit or miss” in a great many places that are known for high paranormal activity. Two people could go to the same place, say some place like Ohio State Reformatory and have two vastly different experiences. One person may get a host of evidence and the other person may not be as successful and get nothing. Other factors to consider in that are time of day, the weather at that time and what part of the Reformatory they are in. Gathering evidence in such places is a random and total crapshoot.

Mind you I am NOT a scientist in any way, shape or form. I am a paranormal investigator that has done some research and after digesting the research done formulated this hypothesis based on what I read and saw. I fully realize that many may not agree with me on this theory and think it’s the ranting’s of someone not familiar with the facts but I assure you I am. Since we have no current way of either proving this theory at present, it’s just conjecture but all I ask is for you, the reader, to think about what was said and make your own mind up about whether its plausible or not. If even one person says to themselves, hey this might be plausible, then this theory might have a chance and gain some traction.

– Gill Padilla

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