Purported Extraterrestrial Footprints Discovered in Rural Kentucky

Purported Extraterrestrial Footprints Discovered in Rural Kentucky

Editor’s Note: the entire story is now posted, including several measurable images of the footprints and new photos of the alleged creatures. Read: Have the Kentucky Goblins Returned?

May as well return to regular updates with a bang, right? We’re looking for a little help on this one.

A man in eastern Kentucky is convinced that his family is being terrorized by a race of cave-dwelling creatures that he believes to be extraterrestrial in origin. The gentleman, who we’ll call “David” (who would prefer his identifying information kept private, for now), claims that his property has been the subject of almost nightly attacks by beings that he describes as “the size and stature of a small child, devoid of any facial features save for large, oily eyes and lipless mouths”.

David insists that these visits have been occurring regularly for the better part of nine months, increasing in intensity to the point where his dog was carried away by the creatures, and they began peering into his daughter’s window, frightening his children and prompting his family to flee the residence. He recalls the moment that he first glimpsed the beings in an email sent to the paranormal investigation group Ghost Hunters, Incorporated:


Standing in the flower bed just to the bottom left of my window was a small, humanoid figure, with sickly pale skin, completely hairless, standing roughly 4′. It was looking in the direction of the shadows, and had clearly come from around the left side of the house opposite the porch and had not noticed me as far as I could tell. It’s face was devoid of features, save for large round eyes, very reminiscent in shape and color of a bird’s eye. It had no nose to speak of, and only a small slit for a mouth. It didn’t appear to move it’s mouth as it chirped, sounding more as if the noises originated from it’s throat. It was most certainly not a “wild animal” and even more certainly not a child. I was too terrified to move, and watched as the creature hopped to the others, and together they scrambled into the woods on the right side of my property. It was clear that there were at least five in the group.

David believes that the alien cave-dwellers are climbing out of an abandoned mine shaft located at the edge of his property, and has reached out to the paranormal investigation team for help.

Though I’m armed, I’m afraid that I’m far too frightened to enter the mine by my lonesome, and cannot convince any sympathetic friends to accompany me, though I cannot blame them. I am convinced that the only answer is to collapse the mine.

Well, dear reader, this is where you come in. Just last evening, David sent along some photographs that he believes are the creature’s footprints, and well, they’re definitely strange. We’re hoping that someone out there might have an idea on identifying them. Perhaps we could gain a cryptozoologist’s perspective? Maybe someone versed in extraterrestrial visitation has seen something similar? Anything is better than our first deduction of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

So, take a good look at the photo, share it with your friendly neighborhood monster hunter, and give us your feedback. Stay tuned for the rest of the photo set and a full report of our own deductions of the case, including our email correspondences and the striking similarities to the 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter that occurred in the same area. And maybe we’ll go blow up a mine.


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