Who Died And Made You The Illuminati?

Who Died And Made You The Illuminati?

Western civilization has always been drawn to glorious causes. Moreso when the adversary’s worthy of our attention. Take the first glorious cause of the 20th century; stomping out the Nazis spreading through Europe.

naziAs America enjoined the fight for freedom, rumors emerged of the technologies pursued by the Germans. Flying saucers1, particle accelerators, time-travelling bells2, and yeti-hybrid soldiers3 were only the tip of the iceberg. Who would doubt these allegations ascribed to a “master race” with liberty on the line? The veracity of those mad sciences, ripped from Republic serials, remain sketchy to this day, but validation for the endeavor was revealed in Adolf’s program of industrialized murder. Antebellum, understanding the Soviets were allies of convenience, there was a mad grab for every one of the Reich’s boffins with a colder war looming large on the horizon.

With genie out of the bottle, the dragon’s tail tickled, Einstein’s theories and Oppenheimer’s practical application of physics were the first light of the Atomic Age. Former allies fought ferociously to render our world into a cinder over economic ideologies, and at the same time struggled to prevent the same three billion spirits from fading into Earth’s background radiation.

The west, and the United States of America, won the future. Suburbia became the norm, drawing upon the planned communities of Oak Ridge built to hide America’s Manhattan Project. Prosperity and optimism reigned in this golden age, despite the imminent threat of instant annihilation, much like those newfangled, convenient teevee dinners. Amidst the wonders of the society of tomorrow, citizens didn’t fall into ennui, complacent with their station as cracks spidered their way through civilization.


americaFlying saucers filled our skies, inspiring all to look above their station and reach, literally for the stars. A new messiah, or messiahs, fell to Earth in 1947. We are the chosen ones, with the likes of Betty and Barney Hill plucked from Earth like Elijah and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) inspiring new revelations for a new era. Even if there is nothing to disclose with UFOs, besides a far-reaching program of disinformation approaching the proportions of organized religion, these new myth cycles spurred us to new heights as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left immortal bootprints, and a few golf balls, on the surface of the moon.4

All of these achievements, made in the grand name of self-determination, spooked the Soviets. After their early edge in the space race, the Apollo program underscored the successes of capitalism and the failings of communism. Russkies began their inquiry into torsion fields, raising an army of psychics, while pursuing stranger avenues of research5. In response, the USA ramped up its psychological operations to seduce Khrushchev, and his successors, into an even weirder arms race.

goatAfter the Berlin Wall crumbled, a new war was right around the corner. Fortunately a conventional conflict, with whispers of weapons of mass destruction being held in reserve should Iraq’s situation become too desperate. Not directly threatened, but standing up for allies abroad, America curtailed Saddam’s ambitions with greater ease than its meddling in Grenada.

These new enemies hate everything represented by America. Worse, they’re no better as adversaries than 19th century cultural anachronisms with smartphones, and a pilot’s license. Any nation’s greatness is measured by the enemies they keep.

Our cause? Corporate interests, oil, and money.

Not very noble, by any stretch of the imagination.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho the hell died at, or retired from, the NSA/CIA/FBI? The author of Pax Americana who embraced a grand, unimaginable destiny for this Great Experiment has fallen silent.

Whomever’s running the show nowadays is an asshole. This new guard of the “Illuminati” is just going through the motions, aping predecessors like a cargo cult, lacking an appreciation of the subtlety and nuance when influencing people’s hopes and dreams.

illuminati_textThis new hack has to be someone. Maybe a group of someones.

Committees are about watered-down compromises, not manifesting visionary ideas.

The terrible prospect that we, the people, may be the new authors of our destiny, breathlessly anticipating the zeitgeist without embracing the road ahead.

After all, why strive for anything when everything’s a lie?


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