Grisly Package Delivered to Florida Jail Linked to Witchcraft

Grisly Package Delivered to Florida Jail Linked to Witchcraft

Police are investigating a grisly package delivered to a Florida jail last week, believe it's linked to witchcraft

Police may have inadvertently opened an X-File when they began investigating a package delivered to a Florida jail.

Last Wednesday, workers at the Falkeburg Road Jail in Hillsborough County were startled when they stepped outside to find a box containing some grisly contents: the headless bodies of a goat, a dove, two roosters, and several chicks.

Detective Larry Mckinnon is convinced that the delivery was a message with it’s roots in witchcraft.

“It was a disturbing discovery,” he told The Daily Mail. “We feel like its some sort of ritualistic killing. Someone was clearly sending a message to someone inside the jail.”


Just a week earlier, Tampa police discovered a box outside the courthouse which contained a cow’s tongue studded with a hundred nails, a clear message that someone needs to “keep their mouth shut”, according to Sheriff Mckinnon.

A religious  studies expert,  Dr. Mozella Mitchell, believes that the police are correct in their assumption that someone is using dark magic to send a message.

“Witchcraft, yes witchcraft, I think it would be something related to that, it’s the act of some crazed mind, a person who’s out of their head.”

For more info on the strange discoveries, visit ABC Action News.


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