'School of Supernatural Ministry' Booming in Australia Despite Hoax Claims

‘School of Supernatural Ministry’ Booming in Australia Despite Hoax Claims

California based Evangelist Bill Johnson is bringing miracles to Australia

Each week, a number of “Supernatural Ministry” schools scattered throughout Australia offer training in everything from healing the sick to raising the dead, and with clients church-goers paying up to $720 a pop, education in supernatural healing is big business.

But US evangalist Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, based out of California, already knows this, which is why he came to Australia in the first place.

Johnson, who has claimed to see gold dust and angel wings falling from the ceiling of a church in a direct sign from God, targeted Australia in recent years as a community ripe for the picking God’s love, after coming under fire in his own country for what other theologians and skeptics called unethical sale of “miracles” which could not be proven.

That hasn’t deterred believers from flocking in the hundreds (1800 a week, in fact) to the Nexus Church, in Brisbane, for courses on  supernatural healing, including one aimed specifically at children in the 9-12 year old age range. They declined to comment on the story for reporters.


Greg Muller, a pastor from Fernvale Community Church, pulls in $300 from each of the 50 students taking the courses, but told the Courier-Mail that he doesn’t offer any guarantees because, “everybody’s walk with God is different.” He followed up with, “certainly, we’ve seen miracles take place,” before launching into a story about God healing a young boy without nasal passages before his very eyes.

“It’s just a miracle. There’s no medical explanation . . . it’s just a short prayer and God does it,” he said.

Despite the lack of guarantees, and an apparent lack of miracles (at least when reporters are present), attendance at the supernatural schools shows no signs of slowing down, the flood-battered communities of Queensland proving eager consumers for miracle peddling preachers.

For California’s Bill Johnson, who’s ministry sells other churches their branded “Supernatural School of Ministry” training DVDs for $7000 per church, business is good.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is currently reviewing the courses for possible breaches of consumer protection laws.

For more on the “supernatural ministry” trend sweeping Australia, including a heart wrenching visit to one of the actual healing sessions, visit The Courier-Mail.


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  1. Miss_Majic

    05/30/2011 at 2:26 PM

    The young boy with a nasal passage problem probably just had crusty bogies up there IMO

  2. Mildred Barrera

    12/26/2011 at 1:24 PM

    You have no fear of God and should repent for mocking God’s ministers

    • Greg Newkirk

      12/26/2011 at 3:42 PM

      I was raised in the Baptist ministry, Milly. That usually results in one of two things. Either you become so religious that you are socially crippled for the rest of your life, or you become immune to bullshit. Take a guess which category you and I, respectfully, would fall under.

      • Samuel Bart-Williams

        08/30/2012 at 2:25 PM

        Hey Greg,
        It sounds like you got hurt from being exposed to “Church Life.” Don’t let that discourage you from discovering who Jesus is to you and what your true identity and assignment is.

        • Kirsty

          08/31/2012 at 12:49 PM

          He gives out assignments now? Fuck. Religion got hard when I wasn’t looking…

          • Samuel

            12/31/2012 at 11:10 PM

            Hi Kirsty,

            You’re pretty funny. But I think you know what I mean. When you don’t know what your purpose is for living then you don’t know your destiny or overall assignment in life. You’re right religion is hard it always has been but again I’m not talking about religion.

    • melissa

      04/27/2013 at 5:23 AM

      A person does not have conviction until they know God, what they do is just what they do, you and I know better than to mock God. But they don’t, the best thing we can do is pray that our words will be anointed and pray that their eyes, ears and hearts will be softened that God may touch them and fill them with love, peace, joy, patience, compassion and kindness. Intercession prayers my love, pray on their behalf.xxx

  3. PJ

    01/01/2013 at 4:17 AM

    Thanks for the article Greg. I am just curious have you ever met Bill Johnston? Have you ever researched the man, his life, his motives, his ministry? Have you ever spoken to him about the content of your article,or have you just picked your article up from second hand sources…hmmm I wonder. You are either a decent reporter or just another dime a dozen inet critic,like many others trying to make a name for themselves by trashing people through regurigtating information, which is bad form Greg. Go and interview Bill Jonston, then you can write your article with some authority. That you belonged to a religious organisation means very little.You confuse religion with God, they are two different things. I have studied the bible,along with its history,the archeology,creation science vs evolution etc since before you were in diapers and I can tell you that you once belonged to a religious orgaisation counts for nothing. Its where you stand that determines your outcome. You are either for Him or like most of the world, against Him. Be wise about where you stand Greg. And if you think there is no God and that the universe around you bust into existance from nowhere, from nothing and from no one, that is the same as believing you can pull a rabbit out of a hat without a hat, without a rabbitand without a magician…which would be an infinitley easier feat. Think about your future, it is true that religious organistaions have misrepresented the gospel and abused people under the guise of representing God but that will never change the fact that He is there, like it or not and everyone will eventually stand before Him. When you stand before Him , will it be as someone who is against Him… or someone who is for Him ? Choose wisely, choose life!

    • Cooch

      01/02/2013 at 8:57 AM

      So basically you’re saying “God is there, so at least if these people’s faith is being abused by his workers, they’re still getting to him somehow.”


      • S.

        01/02/2013 at 12:16 PM

        No man, you’re leaving out the subtle nuances of his argument.I mean there’s the inane repetition of “Greg,” his awesomely reliable argument that age = wisdom (how old is Dick Cheney or Pat Robertson?), and his beautiful and totally objective conception of “God” creating some sort of bitchy gym-class dichotomy.

        I know I felt the spirit move within me when I was reading it.

    • Andrew

      10/26/2013 at 4:14 AM

      Awesome. Bill Johnson has a great message.

  4. melissa

    04/27/2013 at 5:15 AM

    You will not understand God’s miracles until you have seen or experienced them for yourself, and that will never happen whilst you ‘mock’ God. I, however, have prayed with 8 people for physical healing, and God answered and he preformed those miracles right front of my eyes. God has worked miracles in my own personal life, God has given me visions and inner healing amoung other things. For those of you who are mocking God, you just don’t know what your missing. Go to a conference! Go with an open heart, expect to see miracles and be open to receive one of your own, God IS here and he DOES preform miracles, all things are possible through Jesus Christ, and just as he layed down his life for me, so would I for him, any day of the week. I am 24, I have two children, I have lived a hard life, I struggled with a great depression, I struggled with addiction, I struggled with forgiveness to those who have hurt me, I struggled letting go of the past. Sometimes I used to just cry and cry and cry and I didn’t know why, just that my heart was hurting, and Jesus healed me from it ALL, ALL of it!! Being a Christian doesn’t mean that we don’t have struggles like everyone else, just that God helps us through it, at a time where other people would be pulling out their hair, I have peace, in a situation where someone else wants to get revenge for a wrong doing, I have peace, when I need money for bills but don’t have it, money comes from God, seriously, God sent someone I don’t know, who doesn’t know my circumstances, and God sent this person with $500 cash, for me!! God has promised that he will provide and believe me, when you have faith, when you trust and believe, you will receive, just like I have. Thank you God for all that you do, thank you that you can change lives and revive broken hearts, you heal the sick and you offer everything that another human being can’t, thank you God for the miracles you have preformed in my own life, you are amazing and I love you. Amen

    • the paraclete

      04/27/2013 at 5:54 PM

      So God sends you money, money which is and imaginary concept, meaningless, and “the root of all evil,” while letting other people die of cancer?

      Fuck yourself lady. And fuck your ATM god.

  5. dev vrat sharma

    07/08/2013 at 2:15 AM

    i have some supernatural powers can u tell me how i increase them

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