Here, Kitty Kitty: Alien Big Cat Terrorizing Residents of Loch Ness

Here, Kitty Kitty: Alien Big Cat Terrorizing Residents of Loch Ness

A mangled body of a lamb believed to be a victim of Loch Ness' newest monster: a big cat

For years, the sightings of mysteriously large felines in Scotland have been widely considered by experts to be cut from the same cloth as tales of bigfoot, but that hasn’t stopped the reports of big cats from rolling in. The latest sighting? Loch Ness. As if those people didn’t have enough monsters to deal with already.

Yesterday, 38 year old Katrina Wallace told The Sun that after her husband Jim spotted the beast outside their home, they were too afraid to let their children play outside anymore.

“We have two black Labradors and he thought it was one of those but then realised they were inside.”

Wallace  was forced to take one of her pets to the vet after it was attacked in their yard, receiving wounds that the vet reported could only have been caused if the animal was dragged.


Residents of the famed Loch Ness have been pleading with law enforcement to pursue the creature, most likely a puma, for fear that it may begin to set it’s sights on the local children.

A spokesman for the Northern Constabulary told reporters that while they hadn’t dismissed the sightings, that evidence would prove useful in their hunt.

Paw prints from Loch Ness' big cat?

“Where there is credible information then we’ll work with our Scottish SPCA partners to try and recover it through the use of humane live traps. Previous attempts, using such equipment, have not resulted in the recovery of any large cats, but it is clearly advantageous if photos or videos of the animal can be obtained,” he said.

Still, Wallace is fearful. She recently snapped photos of a mutilated lamb found on her property, two large puncture wounds above it’s neck, as well as images of what she believes to be large paw prints belonging to the beast.

The most logical explanation? Exotic pets released into the wild, said wildlife expert Ray Colliers, adding, “they wouldn’t attack people. They’re too scared.”

For more on sightings of big cats in Scotland, visit The Sun.


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