Gargoyle Drowns School Teacher In Pond

Gargoyle Drowns School Teacher In Pond

The killer's mugshot

“Nobody liked the ornament, people kept telling me to get rid of it. If I had done (that) she might have got out of the water.”

Anne Newton, a 58 year old former teacher, died last week in a bizarre accident that involved alcohol, a tiny fish pond, and a grotesque statute.

When Newton, who was double the legal driving limit for alcohol consumption, went outside to refill her bird feeder, she lost her footing on some wet grass, falling face first into an 18-inch artificial fish pond. On her way down, her blouse caught hold of the wooden carving, causing it to topple and pin Newton into the water.

Despite the tragedy, Norman, her 75 year old partner of several years, does not plan on getting rid of the ornament. He gave The Sun his reasoning.


“None of my friends liked it, but I brought it all the way from Scotland and it was a lot of money, so I wasn’t going to get rid of it. Ann didn’t like it when she saw it – she didn’t like his face. She’d say, ‘It’s looking at me funny’. There’s nothing I can do about it now – I’m keeping it in the garden. If I went past and kicked it, it would just hurt my toe.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but one look at the creepy-as-hell statue and I knew it was out for blood.

For more on the unfortunate death of Anne Newton, visit The Sun.


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