The Haunted 99-Door Mansion Has Been The Cause of Possessions, Curses, and Evil Magic For Over 50-Years

The Haunted 99-Door Mansion Has Been The Cause of Possessions, Curses, and Evil Magic For Over 50-Years


Hidden deep in the overgrown woods of Malaysia’s Nibong Tebal, lies one of the world’s most haunted plantations, famously nicknamed The 99-Door Mansion. Completely surrounded by an overgrown forest of oil-palm trees, the ornate mansion has been the subject of some of Malaysia’s most terrifying legends since it was abandoned over 50 years ago.


The massive manor house was built in the late 1800s, and once belonged to the Ramsden family, who came to Malaysia to grow their already extensive fortune by growing rubber trees. Fortunately for the Ramsden’s, the gamble paid off and the plantation became massively successful, and with all that cash, the wealthy family built themselves a sweet crib that included a weirdly specific number of doors – 99 to be exact.



The Ramsden family continued to grow their fortune grew substantially until tragedy struck in 1948, when their grandson, John St. Maur Ramsden, was viciously murdered on the steps leading into the home. Shot twice in the head, John’s killer – and the motive –  were never discovered, though many suspected it was retaliation from a jealous competitor.

After the murder, there were quite a few wild speculations that cropped up locally, one being that the Japanese secretly took over the rural manor, killing the Ramsden’s altogether.  The only thing for certain is that it was right around this time, the 1950s, that the 99 Door Mansion began to exhibit some very strange paranormal behavior.


Locals will swear up and down that the entire Ramsden family were killed on the property and have continued to haunt the building to this day, but they aren’t the ghosts you have to worry about. According to the legend, once the 99-Door Mansion was left abandoned, it became the perfect hideout for a local Bomoh, a Malaysian witch-doctor, who used the house and its mystical 99 door rooms as his personal airport for the dead.


Those from the local village who considered themselves brave enough would make the trek through the overgrown rubber trees to visit the local Bomoh in order to seek out magical revenge on their enemies. If you needed some kind of retaliation, spell-casting, or a telephone to the dead, the 99-Door Mansion was exactly where you went, and some say, still go.


Over the years, brave visitors have reported hearing the sounds of inhuman growls, tortured screams, and ritual drums being played inside the house and emanating from the surrounding woods. Many who have visited the 99-Door Mansion have reported being possessed by the evil sprits which are so ingrained in the land. In fact, no local will stay at the mansion after 6pm for fear of the Bomoh and his evil spirits, who are often described as being black-eyed, soulless, and cursed.


Local legend states that at 12am every night, the manor’s mysterious 100th door appears and opens, allowing the Bomoh’s who have passed on to the other side access the human plane, where they are free wreak mischief and mayhem on unsuspecting victims once again.

With legends like those attached to the haunted 99-Door Mansion, it’s no surprise that loads ghost hunters have traveled to the abandoned property for a night of intense paranormal investigation. A few years ago, Malaysian reality television show S.E.E.K.E.R.S not only captured some interesting evidence on their visit, but one of their team members also claimed to have become possessed by a Bomoh from the other side. He’s not the first, either, as many investigators often report the strange feeling as if they’re becoming overwhelmed by something often described as “evil”, and many are forced to flee the 99-Door Mansion.


The paranormal legends surrounding the abandoned 99-Door Mansion one of the most-visited haunted locations in all of Malaysia, and with the reputation that it has built for itself, courtesy of all the possessions, scratches, and bizarre paranormal evidence, it’s also become one of the most avoided locations as well.

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