Paranormal Investigators Capture "Plague Victim Ghost" While Exploring Haunted Sanatorio Duran Hospital

Paranormal Investigators Capture “Plague Victim Ghost” While Exploring Haunted Sanatorio Duran Hospital


A group of ghost hunters investigating an abandoned plague hospital got the shock of their lives when they filmed what appears to be a a full-body apparition of a young girl manifesting in the hospital’s basement.

The Sanatorio Duran Hospital, considered one of the most haunted locations in Central America, was built in 1918, and though the hospital has been abandoned for many years, it was once used to treat patients suffering from tuberculosis, also known as the “white plague”. Not only did the Sanatorio Duran Hospital treat patients suffering from tuberculosis, it was also an asylum for the severely mentally ill.



The mysterious figure that the investigators captured on film is said to be one of the hospital’s most famous ghosts, a girl who is said to spend most of her time roaming the lower levels of the building. Additionally, several ghostly nuns are said to still walk the halls of the hospital, seeking the sick to offer their assistance to.


While it’s been making the rounds on the internet for a week or so, the clip has been at the center of an intense debate, with many questioning the authenticity of the alleged ghost. Whether or not you believe the ghost hunting team actually captured a phantom on film or not, you can’t deny that the video is pretty spectacularly creepy, and with the history of the building in mind, makes for an interesting piece of potential paranormal evidence.


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