Report: Green-Skinned "Demon" Stalked Children in Nova Scotia

Witness Report: A Frightening Childhood Encounter With The Green Demon of Nova Scotia


Did the Dover Demon visit the rocky shores of Canada? A frightening witness report claims that a similar creature to the monster spotted in Massachusetts in 1975 was stalking children in Nova Scotia three decades later. The witness says that the green-skinned “demon” leapt from tree to tree, shrieked like a banshee, and radiated pure evil.

As usual, I’ve edited the report for grammar and identifying details, but in this case, I’ve also condensed the report for the sake of brevity and flow.

I just read your goblin investigation and I thought you’d find my encounter with a cryptid interesting. My encounter happened in Nova Scotia near the Bay of Fundy. I’ve seen that other people from Nova Scotia have seen similar 4 foot tall, large-eyed creatures near coastal regions in your comment section. The Dover Demon is the only creature that comes close to what I had seen until I seen the photo David sent to you of the goblin creature in the bushes.


I’m a firm believer in cryptids. The one I saw radiated pure evil. The fear I felt while in the presence of that creature was very unnatural. It’s something that has always haunted me and I figured if I talk about it perhaps someone else may have witnessed this creature near the shorelines. At the time, I’d only ever heard about Bigfoot, which was because of Hollywood movies and TV shows. I just assumed it was something made up to sell movie tickets.

When I was 11, I lived near the small settlement of Morden, Nova Scotia. When I was a kid and school was out for the summer my only rule was to be home before dark. My mother never asked any questions just as long as I was out of her hair for the day. My friend Shaun came from a similar home and so did my friend Charissa.  We all had to put up with abuse and alcohol in our homes, so for us to be able to spend the day together was a real treat.We had decided the day before that we would go trout fishing. There was a river out back of Shaun’s that we could follow all the way to the bay and we lived several miles apart, so it would take us a good hour to an hour and half to meet up.  We knew it would be an all day adventure so we set our alarms for 6:30 am and I packed a frozen 2 liter pop bottle with water and a few granola bars to share with my two friends.


It was a beautiful sunny summers day, and once we all met up we began walking the field behind Shaun’s that led to the forest. We fished our way down the river, exploring as we went along. We hadn’t paid attention to how long it was taking us, and we soon realized that we’d never make it to the shore before the tide was in again. We had planned to make it to the shore while the tide was still out so we could walk the ocean floor and go to the steps that lead up the ocean cliff. Shaun and I had done this a few times and always made it on time and had a lot of fun doing it. When we turned around and began following the river the direction we came we all started to get a bit panicked. None of us had brought a watch so we couldn’t keep track of the time. The sun was beginning to set, and I didn’t want to get stuck out in the woods in the middle of the night.

My friend Shaun was being a bit of a dilly-dally, and I didn’t blame him because his Dad had been home drinking when I had arrived there early that morning. If his dad wasn’t passed out drunk by the time he got home that meant Shaun was in for a bad time. I told Shaun that I didn’t want to go home that I just wanted to get out of the woods before it got to dark. So he finally began picking up his pace.

For some reason I kept sensing something wasn’t right, like a feeling of dread had set in. It was something I had never felt any of the other times we had explored the woods. We began walking pretty quickly because we knew we had a little less than an hour’s walk before we could hike up the river bank to walk out of the woods through the field behind Shaun’s house.

I asked if my friends sensed what I sensed. I said that something doesn’t seem right, like we’re being watched. Shaun, of course, said I was nuts. Charissa told me not to scare her. Shaun was teasing me about seeing things, but I kept reassuring him I wasn’t joking. We carried on for sometime but I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread away. Just as we got to the spot where we needed to begin hiking up the bank I heard a twig snap high up 1in the tree branches. That’s when I noticed the forest was dead silent. I knew forest life did that when there was a predator around. Shaun reassured me it was nothing, but that’s when we all heard a louder snap from the tree tops followed by a loud rustling sound. It sounded like something had just moved quickly through the trees. I was expecting a lynx or some kind of wild cat. It hadn’t clued into my mind that it might be something far worse.


I began peering through the trees trying to get a look at what was causing the noise when I spotted it. The first thing I noticed was its dark body on the tree. The second thing I noticed were its eyes, they were glowing yellow. It was approximately 30-50 feet away up in a tree. I was speechless. It looked almost amphibious, and it’s body looked to be a dark green.I was able to make out that the monster had humanoid features. It had to arms with hands and two legs with feet. As the creature held onto the tree I could make out that it’s long fingers were clawed and webbed. As I stared at it I came to the realization it was staring back at me. Its face held a look of pure hatred. Fear had me frozen solid. It wasn’t until Shaun came over and grabbed my shoulder and asked what was wrong that I was able to break my paralysis. I lifted my finger to point at it and Charissa screamed at the top of her lungs and began to run. Thats when the monster jumped to another tree closer to us.

Shaun grabbed my hand and began pulling me, he had to yell at me to get me to run. I could hear the creature crashing from tree top to tree top. We got up the steep bank and we were running through the trees when I tripped on an ancient barb wire fence that had rotted to the ground. As I was getting my footing Shaun had turned around to help me up and could see the monster up above us, he yelled out “LEAVE US ALONE!!”

We began running as fast as our feet could take us. Once we got out to the field and there were no more tall trees over our heads a feeling of relief came over me. It was short-lived because not long after we got out into the field we heard a loud high pitched scream. I don’t know how to describe it because I’ve never heard anything like it before or since. All I know was that the monster was pissed. The scream went on uninterrupted! The same blood curdling scream rang out from the forest for what seemed like an eternity! Just as soon as the first scream stopped another long scream rang out. Birds began flying out of the forest.

We could see Shaun’s house off into the distance and Charissa was already halfway there. Once we got to Shaun’s house we were in disbelief. We’d never seen or heard tell of such a creature. We quickly walked to Shaun’s grandmother’s house who lived in the next house down, and once we got into her house she knew something was up. She asked what was wrong and Shaun told her we had seen a “monster” in the woods. She asked what it looked like and what it did. Shaun told her everything that had happened. She laughed at us and said we seen a wild cat. We protested that there was no way that it was a wild cat. I asked for a piece of paper a and a pen so I could draw what we had seen. That’s when Shaun’s grandmother demanded that we all draw what we had seen in separate corners of the kitchen. Once we finished we brought our pictures to her and to her surprise we all drew the same creature.


Shortly after, we told our friend Ryan about the monster we had seen. Ryan was our “nerdy friend” who didn’t like leaving the house much because he was addicted to his computer. He always wanted to show us one thing or another that he found on the internet. This was the year 2003 and he was the only kid we knew at the time who had a computer and internet. When we told him about what we saw he said it reminded him of the Chupacabra but that he only read about that creature being in the southern United States and Mexico. He said he hadn’t read about any monsters being in Nova Scotia before. We were all ears when he told us that there were mysterious monsters in North America. He went to his computer and dialed up the internet.

We drew Ryan a picture of what we’d seen and he instantly said  “your monster looks like a Dover Demon.” When Ryan pulled up a picture of the Dover Demon we knew instantly that what we had seen was the same thing. The Dover demon was first reported being seen in Dover Massachusetts back in the late 1970’s in the summer months. Dover isn’t very far from the Atlantic ocean. Massachusetts is a maritime state just like Nova Scotia is a maritime province. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to believe that the Dover demon migrated along the coast line until it got to Morden, Nova Scotia. After all, the Dover sighting was 25 years before our sighting.


All I know is that what I saw was pure evil. It wasn’t very big. The monster was approximately 4 feet tall but very thin. Although it was thin it had distinct muscle mass. It’s eyes are terrifying! It’s very fast! I think the only reason it hadn’t attacked was because we outnumbered it. I do believe if Shaun hadn’t came back for me it would’ve pounced me while I was down. Shaun told me when he came running back for me he seen it jump to a tree closer to me. He yelled at it because he thought it was going to come down on me, he didn’t know what else to do. The noise it made when we escaped out into the field made me think it was either screaming in anger that we got away or that it was summoning others of its kind to come help it get us.

All three of us have since moved from that area and we’ve never seen anything like it again. We even worked up the nerve to try to hunt it down when we got to be a bit older. Shaun’s mother and father were gone away to a biker rally for the weekend.We had to wait until his parents were gone in order to get his dad’s guns. We each armed ourselves with one of his father’s 22 rifles. Shaun had a semi automatic with a short clip, while I had a single shot bolt action. . As soon as we had the chance we went out in search of the thing. That whole weekend we traced where we had seen it to no avail. Maybe it moved on else where in the province, perhaps it went back to the states. I don’t know. I just know the Dover demon had made Nova Scotia it’s home and that it wanted one of us dead. We thought that if we shot and killed the thing we’d go down in history as the first people to bag a monster. Foolish childish thoughts, I know. For all we know the thing could’ve killed us with our own guns. I could tell that it was highly intelligent by the look in its eyes.


The picture I drew of the creature was supposed to be more detailed but I was in a hurry and had to draw it with the touch screen of my tablet. I wanted to depict it as close as I could to when I’d first seen it. It was almost dusk when I had seen it so my drawing shouldn’t have been so bright.

Could the Dover Demon have traveled up the coast, frightening the unlucky few to cross its path? Or did the witness encounter an altogether different creature? We want to hear your thoughts. Drop us a line on Twitter @WeirdHQ, message us on Facebook, or start a conversation in the comments below!


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