Report: "I Experienced Missing Time at Camp Hero State Park's Secret Base"

Witness Report: “I Experienced Missing Time at Camp Hero’s Secret Underground Base”


New York’s Camp Hero State Park has long been the subject of conspiracy theories that link a hidden underground base with time travel experiments, secret gene-splicing operations, and even interdimensional travel, but despite how varied the conspiracies tend to get, they always involve one common thread: unwilling human test subjects.

Our latest reader report comes from “Bill” in Ashburn, Virginia, who visited park’s now-shuttered Montauk Air Force base while it was still in operation back in 1975. During his visit, he says he was lured into the underground portion of the base only to find himself wandering a stretch of highway two days later, with no memory of what happened to him.

I’ve got a first-hand experience to share with Week in Weird. Years ago I experienced missing time at Camp Hero’s secret underground base.


I wandered into Camp Hero in 1975. I went to the building with the big radar antenna, it was an Air Force base then, but the guys must have had an unusual posting, because the aura was more like a college dorm, than an active-duty military post. They even had psychedelic posters on the wall. When I asked about the posters, one of the Airmen asked if I like to get high. I thought he meant “do you smoke pot?’ and I answered yes. He seemed pleased, and told me that if I really wanted to get high, just wait a few minutes and we can go ‘downstairs.”

I have a background in Electronics, and was curious about the antenna, but I never got an answer….I don’t think so anyway! It wasn’t ADIZ.

The next thing that I remember, I was walking along the old highway, alone.

When I went back to where I had been staying. My friends asked me “where have you been for the last two days” but I had no answer for them, and still don’t. I would love to go explore the tunnels, perhaps I would even recognize something? I would only go with someone who KNOWS where they are going!

How would I ever know if they took more than two days out of my memory?

Did Bill unwittingly become one of the secret base’s test subjects? Could he have been sent forward through time? It’s just another mystery in the continuing saga of the mysterious Camp Hero. You can read our previous coverage of the strangest state park in America here.

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