Exclusive: Watch a Clip from "Ghost Brothers", the First All-Black Paranormal Reality Series

Exclusive: Watch a Sneak Peek of “Ghost Brothers,” Destination America’s All-Black Ghost Hunting Series


The paranormal field is filled with countless mysteries. Why do ghosts wear clothes? Why do space aliens love cows? And most mysterious of all, why aren’t there more black dudes chasing spirits? Now, Destination America is putting one of those mysteries to rest with Ghost Brothers, the first-ever paranormal reality show to feature an all-African American cast.. and we’ve got the first clip from the show!

Juwan Mass, Dalen Spratt and Marcus Harvey are three best friends who’ve all experienced a brush with the paranormal as kids. Now, they’re traveling across the country in search of paranormal evidence in some of the world’s most haunted locations. It’s a concept that sounds a lot like any other ghost hunting reality show, except for one big difference: these paranormal investigators are black. If you’ve ever watched paranormal TV, you know that African American ghost hunting teams are rarer than catching a spirit on camera.

The show is produced by Pilgrim Films, best known for the smash hit Ghost Hunters on SyFy, and is set to air on Destination America on April 15. Fortunately for you, our good friend John E.L. Tenney, who also starred in Destination America’s Ghost Stalkers, flexed his own investigative muscle and managed to dig up the first two minutes from Ghost Brothers‘ second episode! The following clip hasn’t been seen by anyone until now. It’s a Week in Weird exclusive.


There you go, the first two minutes of Ghost Brothers a whole month before it airs. Suck it, Variety.

The six-episode series will see the Ghost Brothers investigating famous haunts like the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas; Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas; Prospect Place in Trinway, Ohio; Magnolia Plantation in Derry, Louisiana; Delta Queen Steamboat in Houma, Louisiana; and the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington, Georgia.


“We’re excited to join the Destination America family and prove that there can be a little humor in the unknown,” said Dalen Spratt. “But the best part about Ghost Brothers is that THIS time, the black guys make it out of the haunted house alive!”

Destination America promises that the series will be a fresh perspective to the ghost hunting genre. Via their official press release:

As budding enthusiasts of paranormal investigation, the GHOST BROTHERS take a passionate hobby to the next level in some of the country’s most haunted locations. By day, Dalen and Juwan are fashion designers with their own label called Loren Spratt, though, in their off time, they have been investigating haunted houses, hotels and cemeteries together since 2011. Marcus, a comedian and “Barber to the Stars,” met Dalen in 2009 and now, as an “experienced” ghost hunter, he considers himself the Peter Venkman of the trio.

Are you ready for a new spin on paranormal investigation? Ghost Brothers airs on April 15 at 9PM PST on Destination America. Until then, you can keep up with the Ghost Brothers themselves on twitter by following @themarcusharvey, @JuwanMass, and @DalenSpratt.

So what do you think of the first footage of Ghost Brothers? Will you be watching the series when it premieres on April 15? Share your thoughts with us on our official Facebook page, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or start a conversation in the comments below!


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