"Finding Bigfoot" Takes on Supernatural Sasquatch Cases in 2-Hour Special Episode

“Finding Bigfoot” Takes on Supernatural Sasquatch Cases in Two-Hour Animal Planet Special

Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews join Finding Bigfoot

After five years of chasing giant hairy monsters all over the world, the biggest Bigfoot-based reality series on television has finally decided to tackle a topic that fans have been begging for: supernatural Sasquatch sightings. Things are about to get very weird in the world of cable cryptozoology.

Anyone with an interest in the ongoing search for the elusive Sasquatch knows that there’s large percentage of eyewitness Bigfoot encounters that skew pretty weird. Sometimes the creatures are reported to disappear into thin air, telepathically communicate with onlookers, and once in awhile, even climb out of a UFO. These kinds of fringe reports, while fairly common, are often disregarded by cryptozoologists who say the beast is nothing more than an undiscovered animal with an uncanny talent for hide and seek. The crack-team of squatchers from Finding Bigfoot are no exception, having gone a whopping eighty-six episodes devoted strictly to searching for a flesh-and-blood creature. That’s all about to change in episode eighty-seven.

Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot team: Ranae, Bobo, Matt, and Cliff

Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot team: Ranae, Bobo, Matt, and Cliff

But when the professional Bigfoot hunters don’t believe in the Supernatural Sasquatch, who ya gonna call? The answer is the Supernatural Bigfoot Group, a unique team of investigators who’ve come together from different fields of research for one reason: to tackle the Sasquatch cases that other Bigfoot hunters just won’t touch. When the two teams hit the mysterious mountains of Northern California together, the result is a very special two-hour season premiere that might be the weirdest episode of Finding Bigfoot ever produced.

First look at the "Supernatural Bigfoot Group"

First look at Finding Bigfoot’s “Supernatural Bigfoot Group”: Greg, Dana, Reggie, and Ryan

Here’s the official press release:

The Search for Sasquatch Returns to Animal Planet with Two-Hour Premiere Thursday, March 31, at 9 PM ET/PT

(Silver Spring, Md.) – A man, a myth, a legend? Animal Planet’s FINDING BIGFOOT investigates new theories and never-before-squatched locations as the bigfoot team, Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland, return with explorations so big they have to recruit family, friends and others to join the search parties. All-new episodes of FINDING BIGFOOT return to Animal Planet beginning with a two-hour special on Thursday, March 31, at 9 PM ET/PT.

In the March 31 premiere “Supernatural Bigfoot,” the bigfoot team heads to North California to meet up with another group of bigfooters – the Supernatural Bigfoot Group – which believe the only explanation for the lack of physical evidence is that bigfoot must be beyond this world.

The “Supernatural Bigfoot Group” is comprised of Planet Weird’s Greg Newkirk (that’s me!) and Dana Matthews, along with Washington-based squatcher Reggie Byrd, and Ryan Golembeske, an enigmatic animal communicator and unwavering ray of positive energy. Together, the real-life Scooby gang sets out to track down some of Northern California’s strangest Bigfoot cases. Mysterious lights and spectral squatch are just the beginning of a very weird journey into the unexplored wilderness of supernatural Bigfoot sightings.


Mt.Shasta, CA: The Supernatural Bigfoot Group with Finding Bigfoot’s James “Bobo” Fay 

To see how it all unravels, tune into Animal Planet at 9PM EST / PST on March 31 for the monster-sized two-hour season premiere of Finding Bigfoot, “Supernatural Bigfoot,” and check back for a few special post-premiere articles here at Week in Weird after the episode airs.

Dana Matthews and I be live-tweeting from the viewing party at Weird HQ, so make sure you follow @nuekerk and @weird_dana on Twitter to join in while we share behind-the-scenes photos, discuss the evidence, and dive into some of the very, very strange things that happened on our quest to track down a Supernatural Sasquatch.


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