Speculation And Conspiracy: In Space And Under The Sea

Speculation And Conspiracy: In Space And Under The Sea

Forteana is about asking questions, considering theories, and rushing in where cynics fear to tread. Speculation opens doors, rather than closing ’em with a dismissive “It’s an oarfish”.

tileFirst on the docket is an unusual skyfall. Last Wednesday, some New Jersey workers witnessed the impact of a 5 inch by 5 inch piece of metal about 25 feet away from them.12 The object appears to be made of metal, ceramic, and rubber leading some to believe it’s from the space shuttle. Sadly that program was mothballed back in 2011.3 One of NASA’s4 spokespeople says, “[I]t’s extremely unlikely this object is related to the space shuttle because we have not flown the space shuttle since 2011, we had a highly accurate accounting of the tiles, and this does not appear to be a tile.”

x37bThing is, NASA forgot about X-37B, the super-secret military shuttle orbiting our ball of mud for the past 22 months. Its mission remains sketchy, with theories suggesting it’s an anti-satellite weapon, or bleeding edge spy vehicle. Might this object be from X-37B? Reckon we’ll find out when it lands at Vandenberg AFB this week. That is, if it doesn’t break up on re-entry like the Columbia which also lost a few tiles.


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In other weird news, the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues apace. While the passengers and wreckage haven’t been found yet, searchers have made some interesting discoveries during their survey of the Indian Ocean. At the moment, the boats have found geological features previously unknown in the area. Volcanoes, ridges, and mountains are of interest since they might expose new habitats, and new critters to science, in addition to sunken ships from World War II.5 What they could also find, should they deign to survey the area along the original flight path, are megalithic structures from the putative megalithic culture inhabiting the former Sundaland.


sundalandWhat are your way-out theories behind today’s headlines? Tell us, we won’t report you to the NSA. Just be careful posting on our Facebook page, at Twitter, or trust us completely in the comments below!


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