UPDATE ON "Who Dwells Within This Secret Garden?"

UPDATE ON “Who Dwells Within This Secret Garden?”


So who dwells in this Secret Garden?

Well I received a phone call last night from Evanna from Ohio. When I answered the phone she was so excited she could hardly speak from the excitement. Between the… I photo…a ghost…and..ghost…you can she him…secret garden…ghost! I finally got her settled down to where I could understand her.


Evanna’s friendly ghost walking towards her

She then went on to tell me about a photo she had taken in her secret garden. She said that she was walking around tending to her horses when all of a sudden she had that feeling again, you know, like someone was watching her. She then got her camera ready and then turned around quickly to snap this photo, a photo of what appears to be to be a man walking towards her and her secret garden.


Who Dwells Within This Secret Garden? UPDATE PHOTO

I don’t know about you, but I really do not think this is just another example of lens flare. I am starting to believe and if Evanna was not my cousin then I would have simply blown this off as a hoax.

Now I am thinking about paying her a visit so I can camp out in this secret garden, a secret garden that everyone seems to know about. I wonder if I bring a six-pack along if the ghost will join me, hum? Cheers!


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