Security Spots Spook At Dover Castle

Security Spots Spook At Dover Castle

autumnThe days are growing shorter, pumpkin spice wafts on the breeze, leaves are turning, and mainstream media’s paying attention to forteana once again.

Not so much a new story, but it certainly is new to The Mirror‘s interns.1 Nonetheless, the video’s pretty nifty if you turn off your brain for seventy two seconds.

What we have here is a daytime apparition caught on Dover Castle’s CCTV, with one of the squarebadges2 is investigating the anomaly which appears to be a Class II, Focused, Full Torso Remnant. An apparently benign specimen.


As part of Who Forted‘s policy of due diligence, I perused spyder1spanner2’s YouTube channel and found an earlier video of the same phenomenon. We’ve got a repeater, cats and kittens!

A cursory internet search reveals most ghost sightings happen in the tunnels underneath the 12th century fortress, rather than outdoors. Among the paranormal denizens of the landmark are a headless boy roaming the battlements, a woman in a red dress accompanied by a cavalier, and a 17th century pikeman.

The ghost of a 17th century pike man was seen in 1979 in the guardroom at the furthest end of the tunnels by a male member of staff. At that time the castle was owned by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works. The witness described how a soldier wearing a helmet and carrying a pike walked into the guardroom through one wall and out again through another. This incident lasted only a few seconds and took place at about 6pm, while the witness was in the process of locking up at the end of the day. There have been no other reports of this apparition by any of the present members of the castle staff. The original report was made in June 1979.3

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