Vampire? Werewolf? Ghost? You decide.

Vampire? Werewolf? Ghost? You decide.

Bad news, supernaturals. If you aspire to author your memoirs, or film a heartwarming trilogy about your kinfolk finding true love under a full moon, you’re not entitled to copyright. So sayeth Ellen Brady Wright on Twitter, so sayeth the U.S. government.

supernatural-copyrightDon’t be so upset, my spooky neighbors! As you can see, copyrights do not apply to non-humans as well. Take the infamous monkey selfie that took God’s green internet by storm only last year.


DMCA? Come at me bro. Ook, ook.

All this adds up to bad news for squatchers and ghost hunters should one of our inhuman, or unearthly, neighbors happen to pick up your recording devices and immortalize them on your SD card, videotape (only 90’s kids will get this), or honest-to-goodness film.

Not only will you not be able to claim copyright on the image, everyone else can turn a quick buck for themselves, create annoying memes (only millennials will get this), t-shirts, and other crap you can find at the Seaside Heights boardwalk.


In short it’s okay to write about ghosts, but spooks can’t write about themselves without some puny mortal ripping ’em off.

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