New Photo May Provide Possible Solution to The Amelia Earhart Disappearance

New Photo May Provide Possible Solution to The Amelia Earhart Disappearance

The Amelia Earhart Disappearance

The Amelia Earhart Disappearance: New Photo from The Miami Herald

In 1937, the aviation legend Amelia Earhart landed with her navigator Fred Noonan. Her purpose, to embark on a second historical journey to circle the globe.

After Earhart’s somewhat rough landing in Miami, her flight underwent repairs before she could take off for her journey around the world. When the pioneer finally got up on her plane to circumnavigate the globe a second time, she disappeared somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, creating one of the most controversial cases of aviation mystery’s in history. Now obviously the typical theory would be that her plane crashed into the ocean and she died from submerging into the sea…

“Okay, okay, I know that story. WHAT’S NEW!?”

However, after Ric Gillespie, a prominent investigator in the case, found remains of an aluminium plate on the Gardner Island, it seemed that maybe, Earhart didn’t die of the crash after all. She survived the crash, climbed ashore the Gardner Island, and died of ordinary causes after being stranded on the uninhabited island for months. But since this aluminium plate was a different composition than Earhart’s original craft, the theory wasn’t considered valid, until now.


This new photograph, revealed recently by the Miami Herald, shows a patch of aluminium bolted on Earhart’s airplane, one which is not shown in any other photographs of the craft. This shows that this metal piece was added to the plane during the repairs in Miami, and wasn’t a part of the original aircraft. This aluminium plate, being the same as the one found on gardner island, substantiates the theory that Amelia, in fact, manages to climb up to the isle before dying.

Tests are still being run to match the rivet pattern in the photo with the aluminium plate found on the island. If matched, this would be a real turning point in the Earhart Disappearance Mystery.

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