Album Review: Billy Meier's Missing Left Arm

Album Review: Billy Meier’s Missing Left Arm

bmmla_headerRadio’s so bad, nobody listens to it anymore. Traffic reports are rattled off too fast to be any use to commuters. The only dialogue is from Limbaugh clones complaining about the Demmy-crats. What passes for music is overproduced, autotuned beyond recognition, and written by an algorithm using the same passionless adjectives for bodily fluids and the activities eliciting them.

All isn’t lost, gentle reader. One genius from Las Vegas, going by the handle of Daddy T, has interwoven suburban angst with the legend of Billy Meier into fifteen perfect minutes. From the opening track “Oh Billy!”, we are introduced to Billy’s strange world with snippets from a seventies documentary. Shame on you for not knowing this, but Billy Meier’s a Swiss contactee famous for crystal-clear UFO pictures, samples of alien metal, and imparting Pleiadian wisdom to humanity.

The other story, hopefully autobiographical, is about a young man meeting a girl on Chatroulette during a giant robot invasion. By twists and turns, he gains the approval of her mom while the father’s busy giving him the stink eye.

Stand out tracks are Middle Eastern Pants, if only for the chorus of Muppets at the end, and the instrumental Semjase, perfectly capturing the vibe of legendary programs like In Search Of….


It’s fifteen minutes. It’s free. And what’s not to love when it comes to the nascent genre of “electronic experimental folk”?

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