Camera Captures Ghost Streaking Through Soccer Stadium

Camera Captures Ghost Streaking Through Soccer Stadium

spookHere’s a solid reason Americans should be watching soccer, or Association Football. Last Thursday’s broadcast of the Copa Libertadores in La Paz, Bolivia, gave the viewers at home an eyeful.

Sadly, it’s not a streaker. Excitingly, it’s a spook.

Something, a ghost or shadow person, is running along the upper deck of the stadium. Running fast, it’s blowing through spectators oblivious to its presence. LaMalaPalabra LMP graciously repeats the footage, in case you doubt your own eyes.


Then again, the producers of the game broadcast might be pulling a fast one with the technology enabling videographers to superimpose live-action players over the American Football 1st and 10 line.

Appreciate this isn’t the first sighting of a ghost during a football match. Here’s 2012’s smiling specter from a Portuguese game to haunt your dreams.1

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