Woman Spots Seven-Foot-Tall, Translucent Alien Creature Crossing Road in Washington State

Woman Spots Seven-Foot-Tall, Translucent Alien Creature Crossing Road in Washington State

aliencrossingHere’s a wild account from Washington State, home of Super Bowl champions the Seattle Seahawks, and decriminalized marijuana. Is there a connection between these disparate elements and a close encounter with a gangly, translucent humanoid rabbit along I-5 near Vancouver?

The witness was coming home late last Friday, the 31st of January, around 3 in the morning. Up the road is where she spotted an entity hovering over the tarmac.

The being was translucent in appearance, about 7 feet tall. It had long lanky limbs. It did not appear to be clothed yet did not look naked as it was reflecting everything around it like you could see through it but it still obviously had a definite form. It had a human-like form except that it had two semi-long flaps of skin/hair (was hard to distinguish due to its translucence appearance) that was attached the the head (from its profile it looked like it had slicked its hair/flaps back. The head was smooth and graduated into those two flaps by the nape of its neck. They were about 6 inches long.

According to case 53965 at MUFON, the being’s mode of locomotion involved bending and contortion. It dashed across the median, leaving a trail in its wake, before vanishing into the bush.


If ever there was a case for Americans to start using dashcams, this is it. Forget traffic safety, disregard filming wayward meteors, humans need to pursue their own campaign of personal surveillance for their safety and the advancement of UFOlogy.

Then again, the witness might’ve needed an excuse for being late and decided to go with a tall tale.

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