Thai Television Captures Footage of a "Ghost Monk" Haunting Buddhist Temple

Thai Television Captures Footage of a “Ghost Monk” Haunting Buddhist Temple

From the Land of Smiles and Sriracha, we have a curious video from an underground Buddhist temple near Phattalung, Thailand. Skip to the 1 minute mark for the money shot. Slow-mo at 1m40s.

Three questions: Why is someone filming their stroll through these tunnels? How come the videographer didn’t react to someone/something scampering across their path? When the heck is คนอวดผี gonna get translated?

“Ghost” is a popular paranormal program on Thai TV that caught my attention while researching the previous video. The show’s first segment is Clip Battle, where the hosts present three spooky videos, giving commentary, and each advocating one as the best footage. Next, they ask the studio audience to vote on their favorite, and like all Asian TV, the loser is punished. In this case, the guy I dubbed “Good Looking John Cusack” has to pull a heavy stone bowl with his lower lip, earlobes, and hair. If you want to watch the clips, skip ahead to 3m43s, 5m47s, then 7m39s.


Another feature is Ghost Relief Center, where contestants have to complete three objectives in a haunted house. Their prize? 5,000 baht of Levi’s jeans! Dude, that’s like $150 bucks!

I’m intrigued by the panel segment between Clip Battle and Ghost Relief Center. Best I can puzzle out, a psychic is brought on the set to contact the dead using a whiteboard. Language barrier aside, it appears they’re approaching the subject seriously.

Anybody speak Thai? Would you want to watch a serious translation, or are they more deserving of MXC treatment? Drop us a line at Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!


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