Move Over Sasquatch, Here Comes Britfoot!

Move Over Sasquatch, Here Comes Britfoot!

britfootWho has bad teeth, free healthcare, and wears size 25 shoes? I don’t know, but whatever was captured in the video below doesn’t look human. A quick search brought me to Bigfoot Research UK’s website featuring a letter from someone who was in the same woods around the same time.

Dear Bigfoot Research UK

I live in Spalding Lincolnshire and last week Thursday at 5:30pm I went to walk my dog  at Bourne woods it was a cold night with a bit of rain just starting as I got there ( Great lol ) so not many people were around. I went up to a lake area where there was a bench to rest before I moved on, but I know Bourne has it’s fair share of big cat Sighting so I was always on the lookout because I love the cryptid side of the UK.  Anyway as I walked away from the bench I could hear two rocks being smashed together in the near woods behind me, so I assumed some kids were mucking about so I thought it was time to leave. But on the way back to the car I was being followed by someone making grunts and like they were coughing and spitting so I turned around and I could not believe what I had seen. It had redish colour hair all over it and was about 4.5 foot tall, it also was crouching with a stick in its hand behind a tree so I followed it as it walked away until it just seemed to vanish like it just sunk underground. I finally left scared and a bit confused.  The only possible thing I could relate this two is Bigfoot, but in the UK?  Surely not? So I really appreciate your help on this one Is it dangerous to my dog in future? I am 45 and know everything about those woods, but this has absolutely shattered me.1



Considering the angle of the light, it’s plain the image wasn’t taken at the same time as Anon’s eyewitness report. The figure doesn’t appear reddish, but this could be chalked up to shadows. More interesting is Anon hearing banging rocks. North American ‘squatchers mention the North American woodape knocking branches against trees, followed by loud whoops to communicate with each other. In this case there was only grunting.

Could this image and account be related, or are there two types of european wildman living harmoniously in Bourne Woods? Or is it all crackers? Watch the video, then share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!


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