Whiney Parents Don't Want Their Children Taught to Hunt Ghosts

Whiney Wisconsin Parents Don’t Want Their Children Taught How to Hunt Ghosts


A new ghost hunting class being offered at a Wisconsin elementary school has at least one prayer group upset. Because burning Harry Potter books is so 2009.

Noah Leigh, a paranormal investigator out of Milwaukee, thought it might be fun to teach his students the basics of what it takes to explain the unknown. But before he could dig out his EMF meter and say “pareidolia”, parents from a Cudahy prayer group called the local news team to complain about their children having fun.

Arn Quakkelaar, a member of the Christian Emergency Network (yes, really), told WTMJ News Radio that the Holy Ghost is the only ghost children should be seeking.


“There could very well be ghosts. We’re not against believing that. We believe in the Holy Spirit, and that’s what we’re focused on.”

Noah says that he wasn’t planning on conjuring up any dead relatives, but had intended to instead give children a demonstration on the equipment he used when investigating claims of the paranormal. In fact, Leigh had to explain that paranormal investigation was about documentation of anomalous activity.. not about summoning Satan to possess the spirits of J.E. Jones Elementary School students.

“We’re not going in there with Ouija boards, dowsing rods, to conjure things up. This is not the point. We’re there to document what may have been reported,” Leigh told the local news.

That sounds nothing like walking kids around the elementary school, chanting in corners and asking for the appearance of spirits. We all know that would be weird. Of course, not as weird as the “prayer walks” that Arn Quakkelaar hosts at the school.

From Arn’s Fall 2013 “Brothers and Sisters in Christ Serving” newsletter:

A Prayer Walk is simply a group of “Prayer Warriors” walking  around, in and throughout a building . . stopping to pray at  specific locations or troubled areas in a school which the  teachers, staff and/or principals are concerned about. Past  testimonies by Principals and staff have declared how effective the power of prayer in their respective schools have changed the attitudes of students and staff.

One school principal even claimed that the school smelled “sweet” and left her with goosebumps when the “prayer warriors” had left. Sounds almost… paranormal.

Fortunately, the superintendents of J.E. Jones Elementary School realize that church groups shouldn’t be the only ones allowed make normal people feel uncomfortable in school, and have approved Noah Leigh’s ghost hunting class.

What do you think? Will paranormal investigation classes be the downfall of America’s youth? If church groups can walk around campus chanting, should ghost hunters be allowed to swing dousing rods in the gym? Let me know what you think on Twitter @WeirdHQ, on Facebook, or in the comments below.


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